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  • No if I did I wouldn't have made it all these years - Ive felt a lot of it at times
  • I have hated many things about myself, but not everything. I am sorry if you feel that way about yourself... I am sure that there a good things about you, nearly everyone has something good about them. Try to find it and focus on it (although that is much easier said than done).
  • Yes, I have, and it was a horrible time in my life. When you literally can not see any good in yourself or the world around you, very serious and tragic things can happen. I am lucky that I slowly, but surely, managed to drag myself up and out of that pit of blackness and self loathing. It's not an easy process, and for me it literally took a team of people and a great support network, but I know I'll never go back there again.
  • Yes I hated, and I try not to think about that, I try to focus on my heart inside me, and to asure myself that that it can produce a lot of good energy
  • During my years in middle school. My abusive parents and stepparents really had an impact on me back then. Now I've had assloads of therapy and I am working through gaining self-confidence. But every so often it's shattered.
  • no really how about u
  • If I am going through pms... I hate everything and everyone... Well at least I think I do because of my raging hormones.
  • yes i have. its very easy for me to become depressed and hopelesas at times. and then i can't stand myself and question why I am even alive.
  • Yes, during my depression... Now I try to pick one thing and hate that all day to attempt to save my sanity.
  • Nope, I love myself.
  • No, thankfully! I've never hated anything about myself, although I have wished I were smarter, more patient with others and less judgmental. I'm still working on those.
  • Only when I'm awake.
  • I have. It got to the point where I was even having very strange thoughts about skinning myself because I could bare to be in my own skin. Little insane I grant you. I'm learning though, I am getting better. I can be quite nice really, sometimes. Occassionally. I am not the worst person in the world. I'm pretty bad, but not the worst. It's a working progress.
  • I haven't managed to get past my arse as yet - there's more there to dislike that I thought. I'm working on it.
  • yes i do. well not every little thing, but most things.
  • Yeah , every morning after a night on the drink. Always say i'm gonna sort myelf out but it just don't happen !!
  • I used to pick on my looks a lot, and hated my personality just as much.
  • yes....
  • No I don't have any little things.
  • yes i have more then once.
  • Looking at your thread topic, I hope you're not feeling down on yourself and thinking about doing something regrettable. I think we all go through phases when things aren't going well, and we get really down on ourselves. I know you've probably heard the cliche many times, but I believe it's true, "You've got to be knocked flat on your ass before you can get back up again." I hope you hang in there and remember that things will get better. Good luck! =)
  • i have my loser moments yes.
  • Yes- I DO!! Way more then I should
  • Almost my entire teen and adult life. I take it though that by the catagory this is in that it has gotten you to the point of thinking about doing something stupid. Suicide is never the answer to personal pain. I know I almost made that stupid choice almost 3 years ago shortly after I lost my fiancee. I felt responsible for her death and felt I couldn't go on with life without her. I actually sat with a bottle full of sleeping pills ready to swallow them all and end it. Had it not been for a good frien of mine recognizing the signs of severe depression and coming over that night to check in on me I would probably be dead right now. Everyone wants and needs to be loved and out there right now I am sure there is someone who will love and cherisg you for the person you are inside even if you are not perfect on the outside. Don't give up on life. I am sure there are plenty of people who love you for you and would be devastated if you were gone tomorrow. I'm sorry about what I am about to say if you are not a believer but this has always worked for me because I am. Even if not a single person in this world loved you there is one who has always loved you even from way before you were even born. He loved you so much that he sent his only son to die for you and me and everyone else on the cross at Calvary. Of course I am talking about God and his son Jesus. I can' t even beging to imagine the love he had for us all to make a sacrafice like that.
  • Yeah, we all have our bad moments. The thing is, you can pick one of the little things and start to change it to something you like. It's just one little thing after all, easy enough to change. After that you got a toe hold for the next little thing you want to change. It'san uphill battle, but it's against yourself; just set your mind to it! ~_~ btw, we are pulling for you.
  • yep I don't see myself in a very positive light most of the time at least from a physical standpoint anyway.
  • yes i have. I still do to this day.
  • Yes, quite frequently.
  • Yes, I have. I used to feel this way a lot actually. But today I experienced something different. For the first time ever, I actually looked in the mirror and felt "I Love You" when looking at myself. This only came after being diagnosed with a serious illness. I had never REALLY felt that before, from the inside. I looked at the things that I "hated" about my body and was actually thankful for them, and thankful for just breathing. When faced with a serious illness something inside a person "clicks" It clicked in me today. I have to love ME. I HAVE TO LOVE ME if I want to make it past this.
  • We have as much power to build as to destroy. To give as to take. Try contacting local shelters, hospitols or religious entities you may be affiliated with and offer yourself as a volunteer. Find in you the good tha can be. Try writting! Have you ever hated every little thing about yourself? Felt out of place in this world rich in misery your only wealth. Tormented by who you've become or haunted by the things you've done Take heart in knowing the sun will rise and breathe new life unto the skies and offer hope for a better day to change your heart and change your ways and be a person who doesn't hide not afraid of whats inside Though it's hard when friends are few, remember the sun shines on you too.
  • Yes. It's still taking me a while to get over that.
  • Yes. I still do.
  • yes I feel this way a lot actually.

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