• Yep, sure do. In Japan, bowing is a sign of respect. Obama was visiting the Japanese royal family. It's a cultural thing, and Obama behaved appropriately for the situation.
  • I absolutely agree. President Obama showed perfect decorum and demonstrated a high degree of diplomacy by doing so. It's nice to finally have a President who is a true diplomat, instead of just being a dip like the last one.
  • There must be a conga line of ultra right wing people following the President, waiting for him to screw up. If he doesn't, they make something up. By the way, I'm a Republican.
  • I have dealt with businesses from Japan. . When I greet them, I bow, I always put the respectful San in from of their names. This is just being considerate, as was Obama. . Actually, these traditions, all aimed at showing respect for the person, might be something for us to pick up. Just a reminder to be respectful.. . Think of how a reminder to always be respectful would improve the quality of some comments on AB ;-)
  • When in Rome... - As a martial artist, I bow all the time. Its not "overly-deferential," its the appropriate greeting. In many parts of Asia, bowing is the greeting. To not bow, would be disrespectful. - President Obama's bow the the Japanese Emperor showed both that he is aware of local customs, and that he is respectful enough to follow them. I praise him for it.
  • He just didn't follow proper decorum. I don't believe that you are supposed to 'shake' and 'bow deeply' simultaneously, as these are distinct artifacts of eastern vs. western cultures.
  • Obama shows great arrogance in his own country. It seems strange to me that he would pretend to be so deferential to a former conquered enemy.
  • He was showing respect to a foreign emperor. You don't win nobel peace prize by not showing respect to anybody because you are american.
  • No way, Jose. I made this point back when he bowed to the Saudi king, and I'll make it again. Bowing is a sign of subservience, not respect. If it was simply a sign of respect, why didn't the emperor bow back?
  • It may have been a "cultural form of showing respect", but why did he not bow, nor Michelle curtsy, when they met Queen Elizabeth, who represents a nation (kingdom)that is a friend and very old ally. Evidently, they have no respect for the British royal family, or the British people (?) And wasn't Michelle dressed so cute? She certainly didn't wear that get-up anywhere else on the "tour". I was peronally embarrassed by their whole behavior. And Obama does not represent Obama when travelling abroad and meeting foreign heads of state or royalty. He is representing the American people. He should remember that. And we certainly are the ones who pay for the trips!
  • Obama did the right thing 100%, the only ones who don't think he did are bloody red necked Yanks who think their shit don't stink and the rest of the world owes them everything ... well news for those fools ... we don't!, so get over it. No wonder the Yanks have a reputation of being arrogant arsehole overseas
  • HOw he does or doesn't bow is the least of my concerns. At least that doesn't cost our POOR country any more money.
  • I say well done Obama. It shows he understands the foreign culture and he is respectful of other leaders as he should be.
  • I didn't know he had one. Is it tied round his willy?
  • Yes, I agree our President did the right thing... Did you see the size of the Empress's feet? Do they still bind their feet in Japan?
  • Yes. If obama walked on water, the Republicans would say he couldn't swim.
  • Don't the Japanese have bigger fish to fry? God who cares about it.

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