• The system is designed for mediocrity. Home schooling is better for the intellectually gifted.
  • Aren't there advanced placement programs in US schools? I thought there were....
  • They are too busy making sure no child is left behind and graduating them with a 3rd grade reading and comp. level This is why I pay $6k per for private school + $4k per year in taxes so America can get dumber
  • Can't speak for other parts of the country, but in Maryland there are. I have one daughter who's attending middle school through the "Ingenuity Project", and her twin sister has been invited to attend senior high school through the same program.
  • My sister has all three of her children in advanced classes/placements in Chapel Hill, North Carolina public schools. ;-)
  • They do, and they don't. There are prestigious/private schools you can choose to send a child to if they are accepted. In public schools the advanced are singled out on some occasions, but it is mostly up to the student to advance on their own accord; to take responsibility into their own hands. After all, every student is just a number and the faculty have so much to deal with (i'm a student myself in a public high school at the moment) but there is an effort made to give greater opportunity to the more intelligent (from what i have seen).
  • i went to public school. you could be in honors if you qualify, or advanced placement classes, like some here said, and you could skip grade levels if you were smart enough, and eventually take college classes from local state universities too. did you mean something that would do more than what students are already able to do themselves?

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