• My partner will sleep on the couch if we have had a arguement, it lets us have some space and sleep. By morning its all over and the arguement is forgotten
  • Sometimes people need their space for awhile. Emotionally and physically. Has nothing to do with tv.
  • G'day Anon Newby, Thank you for your question, It may be that it stops them from arguing all night long. Alternatively, if one partner has cheated or done something seriously wrong, it enables the other partner to assess their options. Regards
  • I would try and make it a point never go to bed angry.
  • I think thats the point hurting the other person. Guys do this often haha my live in boyfriend got up grabbed his pillow and went and slept on the couch with his two freakin dogs just because i told him he was acting childish. Its like if they do this "act" they are proving their point in their small little minds they win because they think they've showed you. I got the whole bed to myself with no movement all night its was the best night of sleep i got. . .. I figure if they want to act childish and go "sleep on the couch" let them, they will not be comfortable and sleep horribly. All you have to do is forget the issue at hand not stress about it and you will have a great nights sleep they have a horrible nights sleep YOU WIN
  • I think it is excruciatingly painful to fall asleep when I am angry. It hurts so bad if my husband tunes out and goes to sleep in order to avoid communicating. This doesn't happen very often (any more), thank goodness, but when it used to, I felt so awful sometimes that it literally would make me feel nauseous. Feeling nauseous from emotional pain is a clear sign that something is really wrong. I always think that a couple should never go to bed angry. I feel this way because I know how much it used to hurt me. +5
  • It's a preventative measure, to keep you from smothering the b*stard in his sleep :) Fortunately that level of anger fades with time and age and after awhile you can easily turn the other way and sleep like a baby, mid argument oftentimes.
  • My wife sleeps in the guest room and refuses to sleep in the master bedroom with me. We've been sleeping seperately for 13 months now. I am use to it now but I occassionally discover her bedroom door unlocked and go and lay down in the bed. I'm not mad at her but she seems to want to be a roommate rather than a wife.

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