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  • Yeah. If she smiles at you a lot, makes a lot of real eye contact and wears lip gloss when shes around you she likes you.
  • Playing hard to get is kinda stupid imo. If a girl is resorting to something stupid like that id probably be to lazy to try and figure out what shes actually meaning.
  • Yes, a girl playing hard to get will be receptive, but aloof. Not interested will not be receptive at all.
  • Yes ignore her; if she is uninterested you both get what you want, if she is playing hard to get she either gets blunt or you miss all the hassle of being manipulated/jerked around.
  • yes there is. you can read her body language for you to know if she is interested,, she is interested if she make an eye contact more of the time or if she smiles to you often. I think a girl is playing hard to get if she changes her attention to you time after time,,,
  • if she isnt interested, she is gonna give you the time of day. Back away for a bit and see if she comes to you. She will probably even ask you why you havent talked to her.
  • Who cares? If they are playing games then they are just not worth the time.

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