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    In the interest of saving money, recommends the use of fiberglass or acrylic surrounds for bathtub wall surrounds. Martin Moss, a general contractor with more than 20 years of experience in bathroom remodeling, also recommends fiberglass for its ease of installation and lower cost, but these materials are best when applied to a bathroom where the fixed walls have not yet been installed.

    On the Other: For Renovations

    As fiberglass is not feasible to install in an existing bathroom, other materials are more suitable for remodeling. Moss asserts that the most durable, long-lasting bathroom tub wall material is ceramic tile with grout. He also says that this material is good because it can accommodate nearly any desired style.

    Bottom Line

    There is no absolute expert consensus on the best tub wall material because contractors and manufacturers have differing opinions regarding durability. One recurring opinion, however, is that the material must be waterproof, durable and easy to clean.


    Martin Moss, California Licensed Contractor

    Today's Bathroom

  • Tile on masonry board. or a living wall of moss. hows that for contrast of ideas?

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