• maybe hes the future pitcher for the NY yanks
  • Take him outside and give him a baseball or football. Tell him if he wants to throw something. This is the place to do it and with these two items only. Anything else he throws will be off limits for him to play untill he decids to play with them the right way.
  • He's not too young to learn not to throw things. Anything he throws put up. He'll get the message.
  • Throwing things isn't bad in an appropriate location. Throwing things teaches kids valuable lessons about objects, space and even consequences. You have some good advice here from some other posters. Take him outside and give him things to throw. Oh, it should be mentioned that at two a kid will throw stuff off his highchair or out of his crib and study what happens next. He learns to trust when you retrieved his toy and return it to him at first. That doesn't mean throwing when he is mad is okay. Appeasement isn't okay but building trust is. Show him over time what throwing means. The first few times pick it up. Play with the toy and drop it. Say, "Oh look! The toy is gone!" This is an important developmental period in your child's life. He isn't being bad he is learning important lessons. Don't make him "stop" Use it to teach.
  • Take the toys he throws away for at least a day. Tell him if he doesn't throw anything else ALL day he can get them back.

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