• It is not so much that there are different breeds of Miniature horse, as that to qualify as a Miniature horse, the animal must be within a limited SIZE requirement. The American Miniature Horse Association promotes the breeding, use and perpetuation of a standard of equine excellence in miniature. Horses registered with AMHA must meet the Association Standard of Perfection and cannot exceed 34 inches in height measured from the last hairs of the mane. This web site not only shows the exaulted elegance that the Fabella Miniature Horse is known for, but also that they come in what would be considered to be different and well established COLOR breeds. Over all Miniature Horses tend to have two very different conformation types. The Fabella, which predominately shows the Arab influence. And the more classic "Pony" look of a Shetland. Rounded, and comparatively "dumpy" looking next to a Fabella. There are also within the miniature horse world "Dwarfs" which while very small, often have some of the physical infirmaries that human Dwarfs might also experience, including a compromised life span and physical challenges on occasion. This site shows a color pattern that looks just like a Leopard-spot Appy...the Appaloosa being yet another specific COLOR BREED within the world of horses.

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