• You have a blown head gasket or a cracked head.
  • This means that there is a leak between the oil system and the cooling system of your car. If you are extraordinarily lucky, your radiator includes an oil cooler and the leak is in there. But that's unlikely. What's very likely is that you either have a blown head gasket (by far the most common cause of this), or you have a crack in a cylinder head or the engine block (not very common).
  • maybe a head gasket prob! the oil and coolant are mixing together. do you gave lots of white smoke out your tailpipe to?
  • cause your head is cracked.
  • unless you are extremely stupid and poured oil into your coolant there is a blown head gasket. depending on the vehicle this can be simple enough for your average DYIer to do while it is in the car or it may require pulling out the engine (in my case this involves lifting up the whole vehicle and pulling the entire drive train out the bottom.)

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