• I believe in everything you said but 2012. I think it's not true because they said the world would end in 2000, yet here we are 9 years later.
  • I believe there has to be aliens somewhere, the universe is immense and it would be stupid if we were alone in it. as for the other 4 no i dont.
  • I beleie there is probable intelligent life on other planets but the rest of your list is all bull.
  • I believe in rock n roll
  • Uhhh no.
  • The alien thing yeah somewhat but the rest I would say no. with today's tech their should be no reason why we can't find concrete proof that these creatures are for real.
  • Yes, no, yes, yes, no
  • aliens of 3 types: legal illegal extra-terrestial Big-foot in concept. there ARE unknown species of animals on this planet...the lore i could take or leave; but the ossibility of a great-ape is a distinct possibility same goes for lock ness...nessie is bull: but there may be still living giant serpentine creatures in the bottoms of any chisen ocean. i doubt a lake is concelled enough to have one go without notice this long. atlantis: yes. there was a great city on an island of of modern day italy, but the "lore" about super-advanced crystal powered machines is Bull and 2012? there is always something able to destry this planet. buy now people should have learned to gice up on setting dates and looking foolsih.
  • aliens probably exist somewhere out there.. bigfoot and loch well has some chance for it to hide until now... atlantis maybe but its probably some lost flooded civilization... and 2012 impossible..
  • I think the existance of Aliens is almost a certainty, the rest I think are just fiction.
  • If you live in Fantasy world.
  • I choose to neither believe nor disbelieve all of this with the exceptions that aliens exist somewhere and the only question is whether we've been visited. And 2012 is not supported by anything I can think of. The Mayan calendar stops. So what? The other stuff is either waiting for more evidence or I have not run across it yet. Some things I've learned have far more evidence supporting them than most people know about, so I keep an open mind.
  • Yes, yes, no, no and no.
  • 1. Yes, but not the way most people mean 2. No 3. No 4. It's Atlantis and there is nothing to "believe" it is actual 5. Not at all
  • I do believe that there will be a 2012, it will come in about 26 months, but the world will not end. Regarding Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster and (what I assume is) Atlantis, the answer is no. I think it is likley that intelligent life exists elsewhere in our universe, but believing that something is likely is not the same as believing.
  • 1. Yes 2. No 3. No 4. Yes 5. Yes
  • Bigfoot: Yes, to a point. I think it is possible for a bigfoot to exist. Loch Ness: Yes. Aliens: Europa, one of Jupiter's moons, may have life living under its ice sheet. Not intelligent aliens, but aliens all the same. More like animal aliens. I'm about 75% on them. Atlantis: I'm about 50% on that. The story of Atlantis has all the markings of...well...just a story though. 2012: No
  • Aliens! With all the stars in the sky. . . .I REFUSE to believe we're ALONE!
  • No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. Oh wait...I think that's too many ^_^
  • I don't disbelieve. I am content to just let it all unfold, and if there is anything to them, cool! If not, so what?
  • Aliens. All the rest is a bunch of baloney. Except for that damn Chupachabra! I saw him running around my backyard last night. I got me a Big box, a stick, some string and hand full of chicken livers. Chupachabra catching time baby!!!!!!!!!
  • E) none of the above - ;-)
  • Aliens, yes of course, i wouldn't even consider them a myth to be put in this category. Bigfoot, i doubt it, he would have been caught by now on someones camera or cell phone, and i am talking in good quality. Lock ness monster, once again probably not, this creature would have been caught on camera in good quality by now. Atlantis yes i believe it existed, Plato even wrote about it. 2012, Unsure about this still, The Mayans and many other cultures had things about this date, its possible i suppose that they were forewarned by something we don't know. As i said i am still up in the air on this one, there are a lot of people that think that when the Mayan calendar ends, it just means the end of a type of age and the beginning of the new one, and it doesn't happen all at once, its a gradual thing we have been working towards. They don't believe we are headed for a disaster in 2012, theres a lot of different ideas on this, whatever happens it will be interesting, even if nothing happens, (Made for a great show :>)).
  • 2012 will definitely happen. The year I mean. I predict it will arrive shortly after 2011 and meet its demise just moments before 2013... Atlantis? The jury is out. Interesting idea - but I think if it was ever real, and found, the romance would go out of the story. Loch Ness monster? Don't really think so. Too many people doing too much observation and searching in too small a lake for a massive monster to remain undetected. Big Foot? Doubt it. Aliens? Almost certainly out there somewhere, sometime - but I'm not so sure we'll ever meet them.

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