• Well, though they're used to hearing it, it annoys them. So, yeah. Bad idea.
  • Not if you begin with a coupla' Hitler's favourite jokes?! ;-)
  • Jews rarly convert to another relegion..nor they let anyone to convert to Jewadism
  • Yep. They've probably heard it a thousand times, and they are probably sick of it. If you bring it up, and they say that they aren't interested, leave it be. They're happy with their religion and don't need anyone to come along and try to push them into another one. How would you feel if you were constantly hounded by Jews who wanted to convert you?
  • Yes, because they will get angry and start yelling at you.
  • Only if you ask them first, and they say yes.
  • There are many "completed Jewish" churches whom accept Jesus. so yes, preaching the good news of Jesus is done. I have personally been to Christian Jewish synogods when living in the Denver, Colorado area.
  • Preaching anything at all, but especially the "good news" of Jesus to anyone who has not asked to hear about it is always a bad idea. Everyone on the planet has heard about Jesus by now. If they are interested they can find one of vast number of churches, websites, or corner preachers. +5
  • There is no good news about Jesus
  • Nick, you know it's a bad idea. Just as you are extremely proud & strong in your Christian beliefs, they are just as strong & proud in their Jewish beliefs. If they were to bring their word to you, it would fall on deaf ears & they would've wasted their time - so don't waste yours.
  • I just knew this would be your question! LMAO I am beginning to think that just maybe you are like the late Andy Kaufman and your questions are performance art.
  • Why don't you fly to Nazareth and tell them there?! ;-P
  • fantastic nick just fantastic,speak loud and clear now.
  • If you take up a good serious study of the Jewish faith perhaps you could convince them that you ARE the Messiah.
  • That's assuming the news of Jesus is indeed good. It's easy for one person to believe whole heartedly that Jesus' news is good, it's another for that same person to comprehend that other people don't agree. I don't for example. I think the "news of Jesus" has done more harm than good for this country. Not that I think the Jews or Muslims have better news. I think religion gives us a misguided feeling of self-confidence with no hard evidence to back it up except it's ability to NOT be proven wrong. . In short, yes it's a bad idea. It makes you more arrogant without realizing it and makes those you preach to more unnecessarily hostile towards you for your arrogance. +3
  • Check your Bible. As I understand it everyone is supposed to be given the news - that there is a Christ, etc. . Chances are pretty good that every American, European and Israeli Jew has heard of the whole Jesus thing. Rather than preaching, you could just ask them, 'hey, have you heard about the whole Jesus deal?' And then they could say, 'yeah, a few people have mentioned it to me but, you know, I've got the whole Jew thing going and it's kinda working for me.' . There is a definitely a point where pushing your point becomes pointless. And there are definitely Christians who sort of fall in love with being obnoxious in the name of the Lord. Try not to be one of those.
  • Yes. How would you feel if Christmas eve instead of the pope a muslim starts teaching you about his beliefs?

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