• Absolutely not, I'm sure Chris Brown would have wanted it that way, this may just ruin his career...he needs counseling!
  • Not a chance, he should be humiliated & ashamed of what he did~!
  • He's a putz. Hope he feels like one.
  • ALLLLL abusers feel that it should be just their own business, thats how they maintain control and retain a good reputation.
  • Absolutely not. He's a woman beater and should be humiliated and jailed for what he did. On the other hand, Rihanna is out of her mind if she has any type of contact with him.
  • Why? She owes him diddily. She should speak up to hopefully prevent other girls like her from putting up with that kinda crap/abuse/humiliation/disrespect. What an a** he is....still and probably forever. He thinks this is all about him. Smart he ain't! :(
  • The Bruises weren`t "between us" He should have thought of that!..Plus it happened to her.She has the Right to tell.I imagine there were alot of women that told her she had a responsability to tell.
  • I can't believe that Rihanna went on to say that she dumped Chris Brown to set an example to young girls, that's what happens when you see a feminist.
  • No; she shouldn't keep it quiet. I'm glad she talked in detail about it. If she kept quiet, he would just continue that type of behavior.
  • +6 To most of the answers here. Should she be quiet about it? Hell No!! People who abuse their partners, regardless of sex, should be ashamed of themselves. (I think many are that's one of the reasons they hit) Publicly exposing this is a good thing if it starts conversations in households with children and between partners about abuse. It's a dirty secret in many homes that cuts across all income, education, race and sex lines and it needs to be stopped. Talking about it is a good first step.
  • No. She should shine a flashlight on this crappy behavior so he doesn't get away with it.
  • Chris Brown is an immature punk and Rhianna a dummy even compared to Chris Brown.
  • No, I do not
  • No. An abuser forfeits the right to privacy.
  • I could careless about those two pieces of trash.
  • I have been physically abused myself where I was left for dead. I was also that person that went back to the point that I almost lost my life. I remember clearly not wanting anyone to know what was happening to me behind close doors. At one time I thought I was so in love with him and then I realize that I didn't love myself. I was to embarrass to tell anyone. I don't believe that any woman should keep quiet. If Rihanna's intent is to shelter or help other women from going through what she went through then I consider it honorable on her part. It's not easy speaking of that but in those cases and firt hand knowing because you're a victim yourself it's only right that she would expose him so that he doesn't do this to someone else and also it's her way of healing. For all of you who had very negative comments on this topic, "don't judge unless you have walked in those shoes" understand and educate yourself first so that you may educate others. One love........:)
  • She should not keep quite and he should have to answer for his behavior. If he cannot control himself around people, then he either needs help from a professional or is continuing to act like a spoiled kid. Just my two cents.

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