• The word of God is within us, so even if we couldn't read it, we have the Holy Spirit/Ghost to help us recall it to our memory :) The Lord wouldn't leave us anyway - He is with us at all times, so we would never be without communication with Him. Wonderful isn't He!
  • You have to believe in God for that question to make any sense. I'm sure if all of the Bibles magically disappeared one fine day, more people would be believers. The Old Testament was written during the Babylonian Captivity by Jews who defeated and marched to Babylon. The New Testament was written long after Jesus had died. In the original Greek bible, the Greeks did not believe Jesus was the Son of God. The Greeks believed Jesus became divine because of his good deeds. The Greeks were really the superstars of the ancient world. They invented science, logic and philosophy. They also wrote and performed wonderful plays.
  • It wouldn't change much, would it?
  • it would not make a difference because God is Ever Loving Ever Faithful Ever Patient Ever Pure. we do not need a book, but we have one because HE gave it to us. if he were to take it away, it would only be because there is something better He is going to replace it with

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