• What you need to ask youself is Why do you care? ppl are ppl and have a right to think what they want. If you don't like it don't associated with them. Who are you to say they are wrong?
  • That's a damned wide eclectic net of condemnation. I think I'd probably say, "Excuse me, I have to go and prune my bananas, or something."
  • Back off from the religion, it's obviously having an affect...
  • You know a person who does? Half the morons on this site do.
  • What can you say to someone like that. You just can't discuss it with them. Anyone who could come to that conclusion is too ridged to hear anything else. They are mired in their own religious self righteousness. Just let it go. You are not going to change their minds.
  • Well, either argue your point or nod sagely while taking a mental note never to broach the topic again...
  • You can't reason with those people. Give them a book other than the bible so they can learn something on their own maybe.
    • dalcocono
      Really OD? It was the Catholic Church who started the university system in Europe, and the same Church who started the hospital system. It was also the Catholic Church who was the first to educate women and girls in Europe. Your comment is pure snark.
  • I would ask them why they belive that? I would ask them lots of questions and try to learn where they're coming from. Arguing with them will get you no where. But by asking and being sincerely interested in their opinion, you may open a dialogue with them and might in turn be able to share some of your beliefs. I don't think this is a Catholic belief by any means. Unfortunately too many times people take one person and assume that they are a perfect representation of that faith. Which is seldom, if ever, the case. I have found by asking questions in a low-key way, that you are able to disarm people a little easier than if you attack their beliefs and try to argue your point of view. Hopefully, eventually, you will be a good influence on them and can show them by example the error of their beliefs.
  • I'd say, "Sorry, but I'm more concerned with the you, Spanish Inquisition, and torture category".
    • dalcocono
      The Spanish inquisition was carried out by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of United Spain after their successful campaign to defeat the Muslim occupiers and send them back across the sea to north Africa. The Muslims had occupied Spain for approx 800 years after their first jihad into Europe. Charlemagne managed to drive them out of the northern parts of Europe, but it took centuries to get them out of Spain. The pope of the era ordered their inqisition stopped, but they were determined to rid their new independent nation of all Muslims and Jews, who they accused of aiding the Muslims. That inquisition was not sanctioned by the Church, and it was geopolitical in nature
  • If being a Catholic isn't an issue, why add that tidbit? ;)lol I think your loosely trying to hint, as a Catholic, or religious type he/she is judgemental. The same way, I might see you as judgemental for assuming that a person's faith is why they are the way they are... there usually are many factors asides from faith alone that aid in people having an opinion. What if this person just has those ideas, from personal/life experiences? I gotta give people credit for at least having an opinion, even if its not so popular. POINTS to you Baby Blue for asking though... :)
  • Just don't say anything. And, if you have to work or live with this person, stay off those subjects. You may have your 'hot spots' also.
  • I would probably say nothing to that person unless i had to. Conversation with religious or political ideologues tend to be pointless.
  • Nothing. I have a cousin who has a similarly whacky outlook and I realized that trying to talk to her about maybe untangling some of the crazy yarn in her head is as futile as asking the couch to do my taxes.
  • Depends upon how suicidal I was.
  • Perhaps you could say, "Please read your own book. "A fool finds no pleasure in understanding but delights in airing his own opinions." - Proverbs 18:2" Honestly there seems to be a growing group of people in this country who group things they don't understand or are afraid of into one lump. Then assign the whole mess to an unknown group who they brand as "evil" I think it's a common human tendency especially during times of stress or uncertainty to do this. Looking to a higher power and demonizing those who are different is a coping mechanism. After all taking the time to examine issues critically is pretty tough for some people. Or put more plainly; simple solutions for simple minds. Never mind that those solutions seldom provide real relief they do provide smug or easily lead fools with comfort along their way.
  • Those are all words with the letter 'i' in them.
  • 8-28-2017 Why would I need to say anything? Very few people actually know what the words mean, and many will die to protect their ignorance, never knowing what they are saying. For example "terrorism" always used to refer to the way a government treats its citizens. Amateur soldiers were called "guerrillas".
  • All three are against what scripture they are evil...all coming from Satan... Any violence is Satanic. Any revenge is satanic. Homosexuality is Satanic...[ 1 cor. 6: 9,10 ] And Darwin is wrong. Genesis 1: 26. (2 Timothy 3:16) All Scripture is inspired of God and beneficial for teaching, for reproving, for setting things straight, for disciplining in righteousness, SETTING THINGS STRAIGHT !
    • OrangeDonRump
      You follow your cult's scripture 100% to the letter? NO?? That's what we thought.
  • I would say that the three Abrahamic-based religions are in a footrace to see who can collect the most rabid fanatics, and after centuries of huffin and puffing, all three are still neck-to-neck...I predict a photo-finish!
  • Sheer ignorance, a poor education, limited experience with the world -- these are the reasons why someone would group homosexuality, "Darwinism" (do you mean, the Theory of Evolution?) and terrorism together Such people are generally extremely difficult to deal with, but if you can offer them education, and if they are willing to accept it, they may grow beyond their initial ignorance and other limitations. By the way, most Catholics I know are NOT so limited. In the US, the real problem is with the Christian evangelicals of various stripes.

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