• Forced socialism, it requires a war with a massive death toll to get rid of. Self inflicted poverty can be change by making a decision and getting off your ass.
  • Give me liberty or give me death!
  • Hey, people! Has any of you ever LIVED in socialism? ;) I have. For 14 years. And I can't see the connection between socialism and poverty, so I don't see the point of the question above. There are no poor or homeless people in socialism, because all people are almost equal (excluding the politicians who are rich indeed). And this is called "the middle class". Your house / apartment is similar to mine, with similar furniture inside, we eat similar food, we go to similar schools, and to similar universities later (education is free, as well as medical aid), then we ALL get jobs, because unemployment doesn't exist either, we get similar salaries (and they are sufficient to feed a family, to buy toys, books, cosmetics and whatever, to go to the sea side in the summer, and to the mountain in the winter, AND even to save in a bank account!), then we get our own lodgings, we get married, we buy a car, we have two children, and their fate is similar to ours - as safe and secure, as it can be... ;) As for self-inflicted poverty, it is either "inherited" (which is a really bad misfortune), or... pure laziness (which doesn't respond to any treatment). So I would prefer forced socialism.
  • self-inflicted poverty.
  • Forced socialism
  • Self inflicted poverty. Socialism, ( as the textbooks read.). isn't such a bad thing.
  • I said this yesterday before the question got taken out; give me liberty or give me death, or better yet its better to rule in hell then serve in heaven.
  • I was richer and happier living in a socialist country than I ever have been in capitalist poverty.
  • Forced Socialism
  • That depends on the form of Socialism, in some countries people are certainly better off living off the Government and the workers taxes. Even if it is a Socialist Government voted into power it is still forced on a large percentage of the population who would certainly never vote for a Socialist State.
  • self inflicted povert
  • Allowing forced Socialism to prevail IS self-inflicted poverty.
  • I would say the kind of self-inflicted poverty that was a result of Free-Capitalistic system that engaged in a "Privatising Profits, but Socialised Risks" mindset.
  • Here's MOONGRIM, f"*"ing scumbag [IMG][/IMG]

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