• G'day Anonymous, Thank you for your question. I cannot find a definitive answer. However, there are some indications. Hawaii is the US state with the lowest minimum temperature and its location means it doesn't really get a winter. Its summers don't get that hot either as it shares the lowest record maximum temperature with Alaska. However, it has warm days all the year round which would probably make it hottest overall. If not Hawaii, it would be in the Southwest with Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada all contenders. The record high in the US was in Death Valley California with 134 °F (56.7 °C) on July 10, 1913. However, that does not mean it is the hottest overall because of the mountains and the north of the state. I have attached sources for your reference. Regards Wikipedia United States Temperature Extremes Wikipedia US State temperature extremes The World Almanac and Book of Facts page 697
  • NO YOU GUYS ARE BOTH WRONG the hottest in the us is florida and the town in florida is miami
  • My guess would be Texas
  • It's Arizona. It has gotten as hot as 130 degrees F there. Old people go there to retire though, because it's a dry heat (not humid) so it doesn't feel as oppressive as it could, and the old people think it's good for their brittle, jacking-up-the thermostat-while-wearing- a-blanket bones. (It's an ugly state though. Mostly desert.)
  • Florida has the highest average temperatures at 70.6

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