• Recording high-definition TV programs requires a signal from a cable, satellite or over-the-air source transmitting high-definition video. You'll need a component capable of recording the signals such as a high-definition digital video recorder, or HD-DVR, and a set of high-definition media interface, or HDMI, cables.

    Connecting the Components

    Unplug all your equipment from the power source. Connect one HDMI cable to your cable or satellite receiver and the input jack on the HD-DVR. HDMI cables feature trapezoid-shaped plugs that will fit in only one direction.

    Recording High-Def Programs

    After restoring power to the equipment, set the satellite or cable box to the channel you wish to record, then press the "Record" button on the HD-DVR. Components that record in high definition are equipped with hard drives for storing the recorded programs. Check the available storage capacity on your HD-DVR before making a new recording to make sure you have enough space.


    Recording HD programs

    Home theater connections

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