• Rarely, sometimes I am more reserved when I get the feeling the person is a user or manipulator. I don't tend to where my heart on my sleeve with them or go out of my way to be extra nice as I know I will be taken advantage of.
  • I've learnt that showing most people the "real" you can be destructive & sometimes can wind up getting you hurt. I've opened up to people before & had them turning against me, using my personality and things I've told them as a weapon to bring me down. But people who I feel I can trust & genuinely consider true friends, there's not much to hold me back.
  • yes and no.i don't hide much but i do leave things out that wouldn't benefit anybody including myself.i go to therapy,take my meds and think things through.i have gone almost one year without an arrest.woohoo.
  • Yeah, I'm really bitter and cynical, and people won't want to be around me when I'm like that. Then, I'm also really happy and elated at times, and people wont want to be around me like that either lol.
  • No....folks would find out in the end anyway - so I'm always myself.
  • yes my lazy ass LOL! because if im too lazy to go out no one will see me, except here on AB otherwise im me no matter what, everyone gets the real deal
  • Only their total lack of interest in my showing them who it is I really am. Been working with some of the same guys for nearly a decade, and they have no idea I'm a musician who likes to walk the trails of Arboretums and forest preserves on my time off.
  • Nope I'm me, 100%, some people hate me for it, others have no idea how to handle me, but I'm always me! I don't hide it and I don't change for anybody!
  • Not really.What you see is what you get :)
  • nope. we're all unique in our onw way, like it or not.
  • Somewhat yes, Society and its ideals does tend to hold you back, if it wasn't for this and law, we would all be shooting each other over arguments and disagreements, thats pretty much what happed in the wild west.
  • fear of rejection. fear of disaproval
  • yes,alot of things hold me back bc being myself people say im being weird so im what people want me to be....i love helping people and people think that wrong so i stop but im learning to be myself again and if they dont like it they can just get over it or leave me alone........
  • Im always me. People can influence me to be something better (like listening to people and comforting them instead of listening to people and giving advice), but i make sure to never let it be for the worst ^_^.
  • The law. LOL.
  • A lot of things. The only ones I feel comfortable being my complete self around are a few of my best friends and my mate.
  • Yes, unfortunately there are times where I "dumb down" slightly, so that other people feel more comfortable around me. Am I making sense here? Like, for instance, I know that I may have a deeper understanding about something, or may be more informed or intelligent about something....but instead of "show-boating" everything I know...I just act goofy or pretend that I don’t care...but in my own mind, I know the real deal.
  • Yes. 1. I have no friends and have noone to open up to. :( 2. If I did, noone would except me. :(
  • I'm self aware of what i really am and i just know they won't like me if they know the true me...What i've been thinking about them and how i act each day.. So i have to wear a mask everyday so they would accept me even though i really want them to accept me for who i really am
  • Does a restraining order count?
  • nope. and if they don't like it, then tough luck ;)
  • Yep --> laws/rules/TOS/speed limits

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