• Why would I downrate stuff that is so funny?
  • Of course not. That would be abuse of the DR button, which is reserved ONLY for "unhelpful" questions and answers. I guess some trolls cannot discern between a DIFFERENCE OF OPINION and an "unhelpful" contribution.
  • Nope, I uprate both positive or negative comments as long as the user who posted the comments was at least somewhat intelligent about what they had to say and didn't have a bad attitude. I very rarely downrate, and when I do, it's usually someone who has said something blatantly and inarguably hateful or misogynistic. I don't downrate political political opinions.
  • No. But I prefer objective and preferably informed comments, negative or positive so in turn people and myself can become better informed. By the way, I'm not a U.S. citizen and not that well-versed in politics so objectivity is much appreciated by me.
  • No way!! Most comments I would make would be negative and I'm not going to DR myself....although I'm not going to DR positive comments either...Were all intitled to our oppinion!!
  • A lot here do, even if the negative comments are factual, then ther are some who deserve it. A lot of Obama worshippers here, when they should be holding true to the constitution, which Obama has sworn to uphold.
  • No. I consistently DR such comments about Barack Obama, that show that the posters are in denial, but unfortunately I quickly run out of my allocation of DR's. AB's policy is to give DRs to the answers that "are not helpful", and how the answer for example of a guy who continues to think that McCain and Palin are still in the race could be ever helpful?
  • First of all, I don't DR anybody. Not worth my time and effort, and DR's usually come across as offensive anyway. If I truely feel something is offensive enough to really warrant attention, I'll flag it appropriately or let a CL know. And no, I don't flag stuff just because I don't like it. I am not a liberal by any stretch of the imagination. However, I don't appreciate questions/answers/comments which are essentially "out to lunch" in their content, regardless of my political stance. Some are obviously meant to be such, to stir animosity. I will usually just pass those by. But once in a while, I'll make my own comments/answers to point this out. People are free to post pretty much what they want. But there should be at least a grain of truth and logic to their postings, or at the very least a personal reason/experience to validate their postings.
  • I categorically deny any and all use/abuse of the DR button in a manner reminiscent of Republicans.
  • I sure don't and I actually don't NEGATIZE anyone I figure that Freedom of Speech is one of our rights. But someone around here sure is a busy little bee. +2
  • No. People can perfectly reasonably disagree with his policies, general philosophy, etc. I do often DR the idiotic comments that they can't even back up along the lines of "Obama is a Muslim, alien, communist who wants to kill your grandmother - oh - and he hates America too". +5
  • I never DR anyone, all opinions are useful; with one exception. One time a question was asked and there was nothing in the referenced article which provided material to compose the question.
  • No. Everyone has a right to their opinion. If the negative comments are justified, then no DRs from me. However, if the comments are things like "Obamamonkey is a half breen muslin!!" or "Obama is a communist nigger", then sure, I'll downrate, as these answers are incorrect, not helpful, AND offensive.

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