• fm goes a longer distance i think
  • More talk radio on AM.
  • Actually, AM goes the longer distance, by far. FM is usually not much more than line-of-sight. AM skips off of the atmosphere and covers a much bigger area. Especially at night.
  • it goes further but it allows for interferance from MF the underlying static is annoying, this is why most music station went FM and talk went AM
  • The difference is how the signal is sent. AM is Amplitude Modulation, and FM is Frequency Modulation. Information (sound) is encoded in Amplitude Modulation by varying heights in the waves, and in Frequency Modulation by varying the lengths of the waves. AM will go a further distance, but the clarity and noise interference is a problem. FM has, by far, the better music. :D I can usually pick up NPR on AM no matter where I'm located, though.
  • All of the above and also AM radio technology is simpler than FM so you can actually build a radio pretty easily.

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