• Yes, sometimes people throw away great stuff.
  • Sort of - someone had set an old side table with about 15 layers of paint on the sidewalk for pick-up by the trash collectors. I abducted it, took all of the layers of paint off, sanded it down and gave it a natural wood finish. I gave it to a friend as a wedding gift and she uses it in her living room.
  • My friends gramma passed away, they filled 2 dumpters with alot of her old things. I found alot of wonderful treasures in those dumpters. Encluding a beautiful hand made quilt which I washed and is now on my bed.
  • If I can use it, I take it.
  • Took an old grain shovel/scoop with a broken handle from the landfill about 40 years or more ago. The end of the handle was broken so I sawed off the bad part. I still use it to shovel snow. It's iron and I have worn about 4 inches off it (it's 4 inches shorter than when I got it).
  • I used to buy +80 year old wall clocks from trash shops, repair them and sell them for very good prices to collectors in the big cities. These clocks were sold as trash by people when electronic clocks came into market, as no one knows how to repair them or spare parts ware not available. Would that count?
  • Goodness yes, I have an oak chest that I just adore.
  • When my parents built a house in Lafayette, it was built on what was once, supposedly, a city dump. When the neighbor's house was being built, we used to go into the hole for the basement, and pick out full colored medicine-type bottles. I also found a milk crock in there. My mother put them on display in her house (after thoroughly cleaning, of course) on top of the kitchen cabinets.
  • Yes we did. By the bank of mailboxes where we used to live in Riverside, people who were moving would leave things that were still useful but they didn't want to drag along with them. We did the same thing. If we no longer had use for something but it was still workable, we left it outside and whoever might be able to use it was welcome to it. We got a bathroom heater that we used for about 8 years before it died on us. Also Jim picked up a couple of benches/tables that he used in his workshop. We had a typewriter that worked but we never used it so we put it there and it was gone the next morning. I thought it was a wonderful way to recyle things.
  • One mans trash is another mans treasure! I know a lot of people including myself, that when BULK trash weekend comes around, we actually ride around and look at people trash! lol. Found some great furniture, telvisions, and other appliances that work, but people just have no use for anymore!
  • Oh! Yes. I always take decent wood from the 'Skips' outside their houses to use. And I had a decent figurine which turned out to be made in the 1920's.
  • Yes, one person's junk is another's treasure!

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