• During those times I love to listen to Enya.
  • Anything by Dido. Music is very good therapy.
  • Of course, I think music is a therapy - - 'music therapy' was my undergraduate major. :) "At the Club at the End of the Street" Elton John the entire "Ancient Heart" album by Tanita Tikaram and, like your other two answers thus far, Dido Enya +5
  • Almost anything by the Moody Blues prior to 1978. Music can be therapeutic, but can also reinforce depression. +5
  • this is my favorite for depression.
  • Yes,and I listen to Billie Holiday
  • Yes I totally agree with you that Music is a type of very effective therapy at that. I like to listen to the song Forgiven by Skillet. Actually I like anything by Skillet. They are HOT!
  • Soft acoustic music for me, but we all vary.
  • I used to listen to Joni Mitchell or very early Grateful Dead. Jerry Garcia's voice is enchanting to me so is Joni's.
  • This is uplifting.
  • Gorillaz - Broken Metallica - Fade to Black Cranberries - Linger Gorillaz - Stop the dams Yeah i think music is a therapy. It can influence good ways and bad ways. Music is awesome ;)
  • I don't get sad, blue or depressed. Yes, music is indeed good therapy, no doubt about that, but you should look for the cause and eliminate it so you won't feel sad, blue and depressed again. What is making you feel that way? What can you do to eliminate the cause? I solved this one before for myself, and the results were wonderful!
  • I agree 100%! Music gets me through the hard times. When I'm sad I listen to Lithium, My Immortal, Hello and Like You by Evanescence. I mainly listen to Evanescence when I'm sad. It's really good, really suits the mood!
  • Almost anything by the Carpenters. I completely agree with you :-) +5
  • Yes, it is. My favorite song for a bad day is "The Sun Will Rise" by Brendan James, because it reminds me that the bad mood won't last forever.
  • Yes! I agree with that. I realize myself that I can't live without it. All of Songs & Musics healing me from the pain or whenever I lost myself (not like me) then loosing my ways "IT'S ALWAYS SAVING MY LIFE & MAKES MY DAYS." I feel blue since awhile. Because of my love relationship so I just keep listening to the songs names "Trust - Keisha Cole ft. Monica".

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