• some people wink often and they do not even think about it. sounds like is just part of their quirks +5
  • its ok if the back rubbing doesnt reach ur rear!!
  • I hug people a lot and some think thats flirting. to me its not. i am just a huggy person and have been all my life. one older woman rejected my hug and gave me a go to hell look. i backed off and will walk a mile now to avoid her. she just ain't right. Flirting is what it is. hugging is not flirting. Now a wink? thats another story.
    • Linda Joy
      Maybe that woman was never hugged as a kid and it seems foreign to them, or maybe she was touched in inappropriate ways so she doesn't like being touched. Maybe you shouldn't avoid her, but just don't touch her.
  • it could be. not always though. i dont think that there will be a definate answer on answerbag, as we dont actually know who this guy is or what the situations are... it sounds like he could be. id ask him (then again im not big on flirting or flirters so that mighht ruin anything that might be there...)
  • depends on the tone of the action
  • Do you enjoy this kind of attention? Personally, I think it is perfectly ok. Having said that, I would still not advise you to let it occur in the modern work place, though. Sexual harassment complaints are coming in like crazy these days. I would not worry about the winking. For both of your protection, though, the touching should not happen in public. Someone else could complain about what is going on. That could be trouble. Good luck! +5
  • '-) ,-) ;-) P-) Got something in my eye
  • I think you need to evaluate the circumstances ;)
  • Are you in a relationship? Is he in a relationship. Personally, I think he should keep his mitts off of your in the workplace. If neither of you are involved, he should just invite you out on a date. Since I do not know the personal circumstances of either of you, I cannot comment. He could be setting himself up for a "sexual harassment" case. He should be more careful.
  • He is not flirting, he wants to get into your pants; did you know that water is wet too? :)
  • Of course, he's flirting. If he's married, it could be innocent and that is his limit. But maybe not. IF it is not just a flirt, then he would probably want an affair. IF he's single, then he may like you and want to date. I don't think it is nothing.
  • It may just be an involuntary thing, like a nervous "tic". But combined with the touching he may be flirting. +5
  • I think, in a wink, you can tell what they think. And you can buy them a drink or two, but if they were already thinking of you, it wouldn't matter at all.
  • It all depends on the person,and the situation. Most people wink during conversation,my dad does it all the time when he's joking.
  • It is definitely crossing the line. Winking has always been looked at as flirting. Touching ones back is close contact. Some people are just like that, but even they need to know when they have gone overboard.
  • Nah my dog winks at me at times. Just another way of saying hi.
  • Yes its possible he is flirting on purpose but some people are what I call mindless flirts. They want to be everyones best friend or liked and so they flirt with anyone that doesn't seem to take offense. They will usually flirt with someone who they feel is friendly and not take it the wrong way. If you are the only one he does it with and you feel he is close to several people then he is interested in you. If you notice he does it with only the people he feels close too than its nothing.
  • It can mean a lot of things. But maybe he/she thinks you're doing really well with your job. It's just another way of saying: "You're doing great! Keep the good work" If he is really flirting with you, he would've asked you out for a drink.
  • I just ignore all of that stuff in the workplace. I don't do it, nor do I respond to it. Reading it the wrong way can lead you down the road to a sexual harassment charge. Workplace is for work. +5
  • I think that you two should have sexual intercourse in the middle of your office, film it, and then send me the film so I can make a porno.
  • Some people are just touchy-huggy people and this could mean absolutely nothing. Until something further developes, i would just consider her a close friend.
    • Linda Joy
      She said it was a 'he'.
  • It could be flirting but is best to ignore simple innocent stuff like that if they do not bother you.
  • Engaging with a co-worker is playing with fire.
  • They might be flirting or not. I sometimes wink to let someone know what I said was in a joking manner, sort of let them in on the joke without giving it away to the person I'm joking with. But when you put them all together I think it could be flirting. Then again, this behavior is used by pedophiles to groom their victims, or someone who wants to cheat but wants to be able to 'play it off' as nothing if they are confronted about it. In any case it shouldn't be done at work. If you are interested in him and you're both available, ask him out for coffee, or ask him to go with you to an event in which you know he's interested. If you're not interested/available its best to tell him this shouldn't be done at work anymore. If it makes you more comfortable tell him you know he doesn't mean anything by it but people are starting to talk.

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