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  • Don't listen to him. Think about the type of men who want a stupid woman... do you really want to attract that kind of man? A good and intelligent man will be happy that you are smart and well-educated. Don't dumb yourself down, ever.
  • I find intelligence very, VERY sexy and desirable in women.
  • Dont dumb yourself down but dont use all your knowledge to show off or show someone you are smarted then others. Thats hurtful. Just be yourself and in no time at all you will find the right man for you. Ive always heard that when you stop looking that is when you will find "Mr. Right."
  • I would say that you just need to look for a man with some self confidence. I'm not a member of Mensa, but I do have a very high IQ. I don't make a big deal of it, because I realize it is only a measure of how well I take tests. My husband isn't threatened by intelligence and it doesn't bother him.
  • This is going to sound harsh, so I apologize in advance. But I think it needs to be said. If you truly need an answer to this question, then either: 1) You are not really a member of MENSA 2) You are incredibly naive, or else your social skills are not equal to your intellectual gifts, or 3) You are insecure, and in the end, that will cause you many more problems with men than being smart ever would. Here's the nice part: Don't settle for a man who doesn't value your intelligence. Period.
  • It's not that intelligence is really sexy, but at some point, a conversation will occur, and if she's a bubble head, then I'm out of there.
  • Don't ever "dumb down" for anyone. If you want to attract the right guy for you, be yourself. If it is a turnoff to some guys, great they weren't right for you anyway!!
  • Intelligence IS sexy [to me] for sure!!! Good communications skills and a sense of compassion are major turns on's. You shouldn't have to "dumb down" for anyone. Anyone you feel you would have to "dumb down" for is a lummox that isn't worth your time. +
  • I do find intelligence attractive in a woman. Nothing is sexier than a woman who can give me an erection and tell me the science of why I'm getting one while it's happening. LOL No seriously, I don't know if sexy is the word I would use for an intelligent woman, but it certainly is a plus. A beautiful woman without a mind has only one purpose and to me that's a waste of flesh. +4
  • To some guys, it may be a turn off, but it is better to be hated for what you are than loved for what you are not. If you're smart woman, pretending to be stupid should be repugnant to you, because that's intellectually dishonest. Furthermore, you would probably be miserable if you couldn't have intellectual conversations with your partner. A good man knows that smart is sexy, and there's a guy like that for you, too.
  • Unfortunately men are more into physical things, the first time they are attracted to women. Inteligence is of course a plus for the long term relationship.
  • Intelligent women are the ultimate aphrodisiac for me. Many, many men are unfortunately intimidated by intelligent women (it makes them feel less in control, and the best way to do that to a man is to show superiority over him in any little old way). However, I think you will attract higher-quality men with your intelligence. Just ignore the hoardes of drooling idiots who may be turned off by your brain. They aren't worth your time anyway.
  • You shouldn't have to lower your standards for someone else. If they love you it should be for yourself I mean if so then they would love you if they loved you if you acted dumb they would not be loving you they'd just love the fake persona you would make up. So be yourself then you'll find a guy who is truly attracted to you.
  • NO YOU SHOULDN'T. An intelligent woman is a dream to be with. The reason some guys might not like it is because their limited intellect only stretches as far as football and cars!!
  • It may limit your choices, but the biggest question is... Does that bother you? Do you want to dumb yourself down and be with someone who won't accept you for who you are, just because it may take a little longer to find the right person? Some men do dislike intelligent women. But not -all- men. Do you want to live your life pretending to be stupid when you're not?
  • I find intelligent woman attractive. They seem to be more confident and that is a plus. Never 'dumb down' for a man, you won't be happy.
  • Don't you dare dumb down. If it limits your choices, the choices you are losing would never, ever appreciate what you have to offer. Men with brains are attracted to women with brains and don't ever let anyone tell you differently. Be true to yourself and I'm sure you will find a nice guy who truly appreciates what he has found in you.
  • I'm not a member of Mensa but I am intelligent and very mature for my age (17) and my dad says that intimidates men but he also says if I settle for someone who doesn't challenge me I'll never be happy. So I think if you dumb down for a guy, it'll be the same for you because you won't be challenged intellectually and you'll get bored.
  • You have to dumb down if you want to attract dumb men. The rest of us appreciate a woman with whom we can have an intelligent conversation.
  • God it irks me that the same question would never be asked by a man.
  • No, but you could work on the haughtiness. :)
  • It never ceases to amaze me what women would do for men. . Since you used the word 'sexy' instead of 'attractive' I can tell you this; I belong to 'sex club' for about ten years now and we all agree that intelligent women are by far much more fun than... even the best body... which, as a club, for us is not a leading indicator. . Your dad is correct but 'weeding' out your choices might be a good thing...
  • Your dad sounds like he's stuck in the fifties. Its not our role to play the "little woman" any more and stroke our men's ego by not challenging them intellectually from time to time. You might have a hard time finding a guy that's smart enough for you but that's because you wouldn't want to date someone that you have to dumb yourself down for. Be yourself and be picky and don't worry about changing yourself for a man, when the right one comes along you won't need to change yourself to be with him.
  • unfortunately it does limit your choice, but you have higher standards. never play dumb to attract a man, that kind of man wouldn't be worth it.
  • No, I don't think it's a turn off (( Hugs)) Darren

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