• seems like an 80's term
  • Seems more American English grammar to me than pure English. Anyway,
  • Cool beans is a curious phrase that uses nonsense to bring humor into a joyful exclamation. It originated in American pop culture during the late 1960s. Slang of this time is known to center around illogical phrasings of words, and "cool beans" is among the most durable lengthy late 60's era terms. It is used when referring to something with a positive connotation, for example, "That party was cool beans." Much like other hip slang words "cool beans" has faded with times, but acan be heard occasionally by those who've ttempted to bring it back. It gained slight currency on the Tarew Marr server of EverQuest, in the early to mid 2000's[3].
  • See this link:
  • I don't know, but if I ever find out who coined that loathsome expression, I will make sure to give them a knuckle sandwich.
  • As a youngster, we used it all the time in the early 60's (Rockland, NY). It was used by JD Salinger - he has Holden Caulfield use it frequently in "The Catcher In The Rye"...
  • I don't believe it started in the 1960's from no where... it must have started before this... maybe referring to coffee beans being cool rather then hot... and the term was picked up and used... I will investigate!
  • It came from Robert Ramond Radford, who is the biggest bean in bean land. He live in Kenley with the Hobnob Family! woo woo.
  • from my boss in kenya, oh that's where Obama is from you'all
  • It comes from the Latin phrase coined by Phaseolus Refrieticus (an ancient Greek Philosopher and Epicurian) prior to being subject to early onset flatulence. He was partaking in the yearly "Digestiniousathon" where he and his fellow revelers were trying to decide which of the multitude of tantalizing dishes was to be the winner of the fabled "Gutius Bustinous Cup". Phasy, as his colleagues called him, was the end all be all of the decision making process and had been particularly taken by a most peculiar dish of beans soaked in goats milk and served cold with grapes and grappa. After hearing his colleagues’ noncommittal grunts and seeing their indecisive gesticulations, he bellowed in his most commanding voice that the winner was indeed his favorite dish "Coolus Beanus" which everyone took to be a pun, referencing his choice of dishes as well as an issuance of an order to have everyone cool down. The term stuck and was adapted throughout the millennia to the modern phrase of cool beans.
  • I remember people using it in the early 2000s and thinking -- that doesn't make any sense. I guess it doesn't really.

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