• Yes! +5
  • What goes around comes around.Yes.
  • Why should he get off for what he did? Let him face his "peers" in a trial. Yes.
  • H*LLS YEAH! . And I hope every one of his Hollywood buddies attends the court case and mouths off so that the Judge will get p*ssed off at them and fine the whole lot of them, too.
  • Yeah I'm tiered of celebs getting off with just a slap on the wrist. They should make an example of him. Like they say if you can't do the time don't do the crime.
  • Abso-bleeping-lutley. I *don't care* if he makes terrific films. He drugged and raped a 13-year-old. If my understanding is correct, he admitted it and was going to take a plea deal, but he fled the country before he could be sentenced.
  • Would anyone be asking that question if he weren't a famous person? Should an Oscar give him immunity from the law?
  • Absolutely! it's an injustice that he's been free for so long.
  • Most definitely!
  • No one should be above or beyond the law, a crime is a crime, and rape is rape, R.P. should get everything that's coming to him. Let him go to the "BIG HOUSE" are learn what "rape" is all about!
  • He drugged and raped a little girl! And this isn't a case of statutory rape, but REAL rape. So what if it was thirty years ago, and that he's a famous filmmaker now. And the fact that he escaped from the ghetto, that his mom died at Auschwitz, and that Charlie Manson cut his unborn child out of his wife's uterus doesn't change anything. Just ask yourself what should be done if he were a Catholic priest instead of a famous filmmaker. Like all rapists, he should be castrated with a blowtorch.

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