• Carmageddon TDR2000 - the worst piece of sh*t car racing type game available. The very first Carmageddon was the best. Then DOS Carmageddon 2 was cool too, but I can not find it anywhere... it's gone... And then they went downhill: Carmageddon 2 with better 3D graphics - absolute softcore for 3 year olds. TDR2000 - Whoah... the fun of car wrecking has been removed and replaced with boring "can you figure out how to get all 100 tokens from all rooftops, while airplanes are KO bombing you, in just 5 minutes?". ... And there were also were a lot of old Nintendo games with that common problem: What the hell do I have to do next... Oh those 3 Gameboy Zelda games were the worst - it took sometimes up to 2 weeks to figure out what the hell did I have to do next.. then I found out that those games had bugs. I didn't finish any of them..
  • Something called "The Evening News". Poor interaction and development.
  • Super Metroid on SNES.
  • So many to count, but would have to go with NFL Head Coach. The one I did not like in the least, but was so popular amoung many was that Mortal Combat. Just didn't get the attraction.
  • Some Lego Star Wars game on the Wii, it was pathetic.

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