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  • Learn to love and accept yourself, as you are, without judgment. Consider this...everything you have done in your life has made you what you are today. Enjoy yourself, rejoice in what you are. Like what you are. Accept what you are. You know exactly what to do in every situation. (So does everybody else). So do it. Do the "right" you know it to be. If you can truly accept yourself you will find others are attracted to you and will want to be around you. Honor yourself and you will find as friend those who are willing to honor themselves.
  • Well, knowing and accepting that you're wrong is the first step to lead to the right path...I think you need more meditation why can't you be sincere, what are the reasons? coz unless you would be sincere to a friend they would not be sincere to you as well. and you know what, if you're afraid to risk that you might be risking too much if you'll gonna be sincere to a person that you dont know yet, and yet you want to have friendship with...then i would say, you fall to saying that says: the greatest risk is not to risk at all...if you really want to have friends then you'll have to risk of being sincere and truthfull to them, even if you'll not gonna be sure that they will going to pay you back with sincirity and truthfullness that you invested.thats a price of a true friend, and i should say you'll not gonna regret, coz they woth it..and if some are not going to be pay back your sincerity with sincirity, then let them lost..they are not worthy to be your friends anyhow...God bless!
  • My friend, being sincere in is a cake walk. Before being sincere toward other, please please be sincere to your self, do not make your self to regret to what ever you have done from today. I think you will be sincere to every one around very soon. good luck

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