• The cheapest adapters are the ones that come with some notebooks. I not sure how to answer this question these days with all the new types of connectors on monitors.
  • My brand new Power Mac G5 came with a VGA to DVI adapter. I am using it to run my 6-year-old Sony monitor on that computer. I was quite amused when I first opened the box for this monitor six years ago. It came with a CD on which was stored Windows drivers for the monitor. I chuckled a bit as I dropped the CD back in the box, extracted the monitor, plugged it into my then brand new G3, and just started using it. No fuss, no muss.
  • It's important to know the age of the Macintosh and the PC monitor in question. All current generation Apple Macintoshes (G4/G5) come with modern graphics cards (ATI and Nvidia) which support SVGA (HD-15) and DVI. Thus, all you need to hook-up a Macintosh to a PC monitor is the supplied cable that came with the monitor. No adaptor needed. Just plug-and-play. Currently, I have a Apple G5 and I have it connected to a Dell Flat Panel 19" LCD monitor. I can use either the HD-15 or DVI connector because the graphics card supports both -- note older G4s only supplied a HD-15 analog graphics card. But you'd still be able to use it with current PC monitors since most new monitors come with HD-15 connectivity. In my case, Dell supplied both cables when I purchased the monitor. This is usually the case if it supports both HD-15 and DVI. If the monitor didn't come with a DVI cable just pick one up at Best Buy or CompUSA. You'd have to do this even if you had a PC. Older generation Macintoshes (Prior to G3's) did use a proprietary video connections (Apple Display Connector -- ADC) and required an video adaptor if you wanted to hook it up to a non-Apple monitor. But those days are long gone. :) Today, Macintoshes support standardized hardware specs such as USB 1.1, USB 2.0, Firewire 400, Firewire 800, ATA, SATA, HD-15, DVI, PC100, DDR SDRAM memory, AGP, Bluetooth, wireless, 10/100/1000BASE-T. All parts available at your local CompUSA or Best Buy. Note that HD-15 and DVI are commonly referred to as analog and digital respectively. Here's a few connector images... (HD-15/Analog) (DVI-D/Digital)
  • If you buy a mac mini you can because there are videos of it on youtube

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