• Have patience and don't expect everyone to be a little innocent angel who will do their work. Be strict and enforce your duty, thats why my teacher always says.
  • Go to school and get your teacher's degree. Teach as an assitant to a teacher for a while and learn from them. I had a teacher in high school that never teached because their assitant was trying to learn how to teach better.
  • You need to really know your material; if you say you know something and it's wrong you'll loose your credibility. You also need to really love the subjects you teach. If you don't the students will be able to tell and they won't like them either. You have to be true to your word; let your yes mean yes and your no mean no. You have to want to do it. Don't do it as a settlement or to work teachers hours or something like that. You will be miserable and so will your students. Never assume someone is beyond learning; if you do they will be. Have a good since of humor and be able to laugh at yourself. Nothing turns a student off more than arrogance in a teacher. Don't think you are smarter than your students; you may be more educated but that does not make you smarter than they are. That's about all I can come up with now. I hope it helps.
  • Really cares about the students. Cares that the students get an education. Will help students who are having problems to learn and not just give them answers. Doesn't expect students to learn everything on their own. A good peacemaker/good at conflict resolution.
  • Personally, I think a good sense of humor is important. To be able to take a joke, and interact with students on a person level such as humor makes class a lot more interesting and more likely entertaining. Most people can agree with me they pay more attention to someone who cracks a few good jokes every now and often instead of one who goes on and on and on and on.
  • Patience, good listening skills, empathy, self control, diplomacy. As well as the willingness to accept the students as they are, and be willing to inspire them to learn anyway.
  • I think one of the most important qualities of a good teacher is the ability to motivate students to stretch beyond their limits, so that they are able to give more than just their very best.
  • Patience - And the abilty to watch for sign's of abuse in the home
  • actually cares about students good at explaining confusing things is a mentor to the students well educated makes learning fun communicates with parents, especially w/ struggling students, is very important gives every student a chance to succeed checks in with all students regularly, especially struggling ones, to make sure they are understanding the list above is my opinion of what 'good teachers' should have as qualities, unfortunately i havent yet come across a teacher with all of those qualities
  • A degree of showmanship + consistently inpiring both sympathy and respect in the student.
  • A good teacher must have: 1. Knowledge of the subject 2. Communication skills - the ability to convey 3. Interest in teaching 4. Respect for students 5. Sense of humor 6. Fair mind 7. Common sense 8. Qualities of a good human being
  • i think the most important for the teacher is high education.. as a teacher we must be a student..a teacher is a student..we must learn and learn and learn......if we have a good education we are high qualities teacher..
  • .. being knowledgeable of the subject matter.
  • enthusiasm for subject matter
  • What separates a good teacher from a terrific teacher is..PASSION
  • Have expectations. HIGH expectations for each and every student. They will only go as high as you set that bar for them. It also helps to remember being a student yourself. What do you wish your teachers did more or less of? And, be a life-long learner yourself.
  • look this up on the internet. it's really directed to higher level education, but i found it to be really helpful. really look at the dynamism section, because this is usually the missing link in the success of teachers and means the difference between being a good teacher vs being a great one. it's teachers with the dynamism factor that win the teacher of the year awards. hope it helps. deb TEACHER "CREDIBILITY" A TOOL FOR DIAGNOSING PROBLEMS IN TEACHER/STUDENT RELATIONSHIPS Arletta Bauman Knight, Ph.D. University of Oklahoma
  • A firm hand on a hickory switch. WHACK WHACK!
  • The best advice I could tell you is to be consistent. If you remember this with everything you do, you can't fail. However saying it is much easier than actually doing it. Like everything it takes practice. If you are like me I have to remind myself to remain partial even though I have favorites and not so favorite students.
  • Nice, doesn't bore the students, teaches the students a lot.
  • having the ability to translate her teaching in a way the student will understand.
  • A good teacher must have knowledge of the subject matter, know how to impart that knowledge to the students, and care about those students, not just as her pupils, but as people. Really good teachers are passionate about learning and teaching. There aren't many of them, and they seldom get the recognition they deserve.
  • 1. Good teachers really want to be good teachers 2. Good teachers take risks 3. Good teachers have a positive attitude 4. Good teachers never have enough time 5. Good teachers think of teaching as a form of parenting 6. Good teachers try to give their students confidence 7. Good teachers try to keep students – and themselves – off balance 8. Good teachers try to motivate students by working within their incentive system 9. Good teachers do not trust student evaluations Neither do bad teachers of course, but for different reasons. 10. Good teachers listen to their students Source, and more detailed explanation here:
  • a good teacher needs to be able to joke around with a student/students, and keep them entertained while having them learn at the same time. my math teacher in 8th grade was awesome. i learned more that year than i learned in like 3 years! we worked efficiently and still had time to joke around with the teacher. he was just about the coolest teacher i ever had! and my english teacher in 8th grade as well. he would CONSTANTLY get off topic. yet you would ALWAYS learn SO much in his class, it was amazing. i learned more literary terms than most 10th graders knew!
  • Someone who makes the students want to learn as much as the can.
  • Organized. Creative. Excited and passionate about their career. Good communicator. Firm but reasonable. Willing to admit a mistake or that they don't know. Respectful of different learning "styles".
  • I started working with the worst students branded as the notorious gang at school....Most of them were abandoned....But I decided to try out something new with them by giving responsibilities....and now they are the ones who leads the young ones at school....By having patience and tolerance also with better understanding,I believe that you could be a good teacher as well as popular...=] My motto is, "TO GAIN RESPECT,GIVE RESPECT" :}

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