• True. But i don't have $ instead i have Rupees +5
  • False. I keep my thermostat at 65 degrees. It's a bit chilly in here, and my highest gas bill was still $330.00 last December. That's only slightly less than half my dang rent!
  • true, we keep it on 68 degrees...
  • I leave it on 68 degrees. It is cold in here sometimes . I have to say False.
  • Yes, because we spent the $ up front to build a super-insulated, earth-sheltered house. +4 Icy
  • To be honest i have not used thermostate as the weather is still beautiful, and i will use in winter ,but as we do not have severe weather in Vancouver -canada.
  • True. I'm comfortable at 55 degrees in my home in the winter - - and I bundle up sometimes. +5
  • We only turn the heat on for about 4 months of the year. The rest of the time - open a window if you're hot and put a sweater on if you're cold. The temperatures aren't extreme where I live.
  • False, I keep the thermostat set at 63 and burn wood to keep it comfortable.
  • False usually warmer outside than in this igloo...
  • Luckily we have a natural gas furnace and our thermostat is programmable so it doesn't really cost too much.
  • True, have to keep warm. +5
  • True. out of +5
  • False .. I live in Florida and was not able to use the A/C this summer due to the finances ... +5
  • True, I am very blessed. +4
  • True. But it is a matter of priorities. I don't spend my money on going to the movies or eating out alot. I give up one thing to get another.
  • True...but I like it cool, so I don't spend much on heating, but spend more on A/C. :^)
  • I could afford it, yes, but still choose to save some $ in some circumstances. Winters are easier than summers, if you extend the lessons about dressing in layers or sleeping under layers to keep warm. Winter air is purer and cleaner and it is a good feeling to bring some of that cool clean air indoors. The only times when it is really necessary to have it warmer are when dressing, undressing, and showering. Apartment living also helps. With neighbors on the other side of most walls you lose only so much heat.
  • It depends on what you mean by comfortable.
  • Id find the money. I like to be comfortable. I keep it freezing in the summer, and you can walk around in your under wear in the winter. Right now I just checked its 74 in the house. Its 38 outside.
  • I have enough but its not cold here.+5
  • We do, but we would rather keep the thermostat a little lower/higher (winter/summer) than to pay the utility company money unnecessarily. That's just wasteful. (And my husband works for the power company too!)
  • false. we live in a northern climate where the winters get very cold. we could not afford to heat our home using our furnace. in order to keep our home warm we use a wood-burning stove and supplement our heat with the furnace only in the most severe temperatures (below 0, F) this saves us thousands of dollars a year.
  • We have the money but my wife and I choose not to waste energy. Right now we are in our small cabin a bit over 3000' in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Today, from our deck, I could see the dusting of snow at the upper levels of the Black Mountains where Mt. Mitchell is located. Yet we are keeping the inside of the cabin at about 60 degrees Fahrenheit. We enjoy dressing for the cold and we are comfortable. Our two cats don't seem to mind. I confess that we have an electric blanket on the bed but when I'm up here myself I don't even break the bed. Instead, I put my 4-season sleeping bag on the bed and sleep in it. In our Florida home when heat is an issue, we keep our thermostat set at 82. I have a ceiling fan in all rooms except the laundry room and the bathrooms. The greatest function of our A.C. is to take much of the moisture out of the air which makes it far more comfortable and the fans do a great job. Again, the cats also seem to be comfortable.
  • I only have central heating and we keep it around 63 during the winter, unless its extrememly cold and then we might add a few degrees. We basically just use it to make sure the pipes don't freeze and use space heaters to stay warm.
  • False, thankfully we heat with free firewood, saving us lots and lots. I live in a 27 room home, I couldn't imagine what my gas bill would be like! But it is usually 72 in the house always, unless...ahem ...someone doesn't stoke the stove in the middle of the night...=)

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