• The former. The latter happens all the time if you have enough big bucks and a lawyer who doesn't care about anything but "wins"! :(
  • Err on the side of kindness. An innocent person executed is one too many. There is nothing to be done to make up for the mistake. The guilty set free will either be guilty again (OJ) or never do it again (we can assume, Polanski).
  • An innocent killed
  • i have problems with both and i no it happens ,but an innocent person no that would be like committing murder .and the guilty side of things hopefully he the guilt gets to much for him and???
  • I would say they are both one and the same, Jim. The sort of person that is under a sentence of death is the sort of person who has committed more than one murder and will do it again without a moment's hesitation. Set him free (and most of them are male), and he will put another innocent person to death. So either way, you are likely putting an innocent person to death.
  • An innocent person being put to death. Geez.....just the thought of it gets under my skin. +5
  • i am most greatly disturbed by seeing innocent people put to death. in an advanced system of justice, especially with forensic science, we should never see this happen. . i am disturbed when people i thought were guilty are set free. i am especially disturbed when they are set free not by the will of the people - a jury - but on technicalities.
  • Innocent one put to death. The guilty one will live to be caught another day. The innocent one...... Well you cant undo death.
  • It's nativity and not death isn't it?
  • An innocent person put to death. We have MANY murderers out here who will never be caught. Those who wish to disagree.. I would love to live in your neck of the woods. Watching a man spend twenty years of his life on death row just to be exonerated due to DNA technology that he was not able to afford.. really hurts us as a society. That man's life is forever changed, gone. No money awarded will ever give that back. The indigent really get the shaft. The DP is something I support.. when applied as it is supposed to be.. for the worst of the worst. A lot of DR inmates are first time offenders (for the poster who posted they are most likely repeats.. this is not true). Many of the worst of the worst are LPWPOP or out here with us.
  • An innocent put to death is a tragedy, a guilty person freed is a crime. . Tragedy is worse in this case.
  • I think seeing someone innocent killed is worse but seeing someone guilty go free is very close.
  • An innocent put to death. A guilty person set free MAY see his release as a Divine message to reform himself, and make himself useful to society. An innocent hanged is lost forever. This is one of the greatest dilemmas every criminal court judge is faced with. When he dons the black cap, he prays hard for forgiveness in case he is wrongly sentencing the accused. For it has happened more than once, that new evidence came up after the execution, pointing to the real culprit. If I'm not mistaken, once the judgement is passed and executed, it cannot be revoked: meaning, the new suspect, even if he IS the real culprit, cannot be prosecuted for the same crime. That is the law, as I understand it, in India, and therefore must be in Britain as well, for we have inherited the British legal system.
  • Since a guilty person is likely to kill again more innocent lives will be lost than the rare occurance of an innocent person put to death so I'd have to say the guilty set free if given those two choices.
  • Seeing anyone, innocent or guilty, put to death bothers me more than, well, pretty much anything.
  • An innocent person dying for a crime they did not commit is quite awful.
  • The death penalty on an innocent person.
  • An innocent person being put to death for sure. You can't give someone their life back.+3
  • Both show to what extent the judicial system is flawed. But it's easier to put a guilty man back in jail that it is to bring an innocent man from the dead.
  • Seeing an innocent person put to death is a far greater crime than setting a guilty on free.
  • For the majority of states and certainly european countries, like the hippies, this question is good fun and easy for everyone to feel good answering, because it is not really applicable. The death penalty has been withdrawn to be replaced with life imprisonment. A punishment which can and usually is reversed leaving the murderer, who has to first confess their guilt and then to plead contrition, free to mock the relatives and loved ones of his victim. I feel it is time we stopped smelling the flowers and insisted that the murderer is healed when his victim rises from the dead or it is shown they did not commit the murder.
  • Innocent put to death
  • It is better to let a hundred go free than to punish one innocent.
  • An innocent put to death is the greater of these two evils.
  • these both dont bother me....coz around me alot of inocents were kiled and the person responsible 4 all this was set free 4m cort..
  • An innocent man murdered by the state.

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