• No. A cat or dog can manage quite well with three legs. They are very adaptable, especially when born with the handicap.
  • No if God made it that way.. you love it that way.
  • no this cat deserves life if it was meant to die because of three legs then it would have been born dead. animals can adapt really well to three legs especially if it was born with three legs then it will feel natural to the cat because it wont be used to living any other way.
  • No. The kitten would agree!
  • Given that it will probably live a fairly normal life despite having only 3 legs, and I'm guessing it's a house cat... I don't see any reason to. If you don't want the kitten, find someone who does!
  • No. Animals manage fine on three legs, and if it's born that way it will never miss that other leg.
  • Not if it is otherwise completely healthy. Would you kill a human child because it was born with an arm missing? Animals can manage just fine with three legs, especially domestic animals.
  • If it does not seem in pain and happy I think you should keep it alive. Then you can get a prosthetic for it when its gets older.
  • A kitten can manage pretty well with 3 legs. They'll figure out ways to play and do all the other things cats normally do.
  • If you were born with one leg should you have been killed? The only difference is to you. To the cat it has no idea it is disabled. It will learn to run, jump, and climb on 3 legs. We adopt out 3 legged cats all the time. Those born without and those that have had an amputation. The problem is only in your head. The cats just want to get on with having fun and being loved. Make sure a vet does a check up to make sure all bones and organs are fine when you take it in for deworming and vaccinations.
  • i would ask the vet about that

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