• 35 !!!! You're no longer viewed as a "kid" and still young enough to enjoy LIFE!
  • I would say 30. You still look young but are respecred by your elders, but after that kids think you are old.
  • The one you are. If you would be older, think of what you may have missed in the time between now and in the future. If you wanted to be younger, you would have to go through all the horse crap that you had to go through back then. But, if you are the age you are, you have all the knowledge you have gained in the past. You are able to make some difference in what is ahead.
  • Perfect for what?
  • Each age is really its own perfection. When you're six you can know what a six-ear-old should know. At 16 you can drive, at 18 vote, at 21 drink...and so forth. But each age is its own milestone. Gray hair comes at the right age, as do wrinkles and girth and disabilities. We earn our marks and the earning brings us to the next age.
  • Got my job at 18, retired at 53. Both those ages were wonderful for equal yet opposite reasons. 18 for all to look forward to, and 53 to look back at all you did all those years. Take your pick, they're both great.
  • 25, old enough to be legal, have some education and experience, hopefully great health, fit and ready to decide where to go next in life. +5
  • Youth is a big deal now with everyone wanting to look young, but you are what you are and I think the perfect age for you is the age you are in the present. We will all get to a number if we are lucky to live and make it so it makes any age perfect.
  • Perfect age for what, to be a baby, be a child, a parent, a grandfather? There is a time for everything but not everthing at all times. +5
  • There is never anything as 'perfect age'. It depends on which way u r leading ur life towards.Someone might think their childhood period to be perect while someone might find their adolescence or adulthood perfect. It just depends on what u are upto.
  • For men: the power years 35 -- 55. Men are strong and experienced. Women: probably around 30. We are coming into our own,our confidence has probably been established. we look and feel good. But women,like men have those great years from 30-55 or so. Now, if I were only old enough to know what I am talking about....
  • For me, I think the perfect age was/is in my 30s, so far. I look great and feel very confident. I feel more secure in my own skin and my thinking/decision making is a lot more sound. It's not to say I don't make mistakes but I handle them better. I'm not too young but I'm not too old.
  • idk i heard alot of 43 before so i am going with that
  • I think 25. You have fully developed your reasoning abilities physically and you still have a young body to use. Everything after that is downhill I am guessing.
  • 18 for the rare mature one.
  •'re full of innocence,the world so magical and the reality of the evils of the world are many years away,hopefully.
  • 35-40 is excellent age. The majority of people get mature by that age and established in their life.

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