• I'm afraid you don't know much about men!! For a straight man to enjoy oral sex from another man has nothing to do with his being gay or even bi; it's the oral sex that they want, and it does not matter who is giving it to them!! So while it's a homosexual act, engaging in it does NOT make one gay!! As I've said before, if ONLY you ladies would learn how to provide this, your boyfriends/husbands would not go looking for it elsewhere!!!!! Sad but true!!
    • Linda Joy
      If he was faithful he wouldn't go looking for it elsewhere. She should kick that sad sack of STD's to the curb! Then you can lick up the disgusting leftovers.
  • If he truly is not gay, your husband is probably separating the pleasure from the fact that it is coming from a man. I think that's another problem in itself that he is having sexual relations with someone other than you! +4
  • If you get a blowjob from a dude, you're gay.
  • Hmm, it could mean either you aren't doing it well, or you're not doing it at all. You may be allowing somebody else to perform your job on hubby! 2/2/23
    • Linda Joy
      Do the same rules apply to men? If you're not fulfilling her needs does she have a free pass to kill you with STD's? No blame?
    • dalcocono
      Who made this into a rule teacher? I offered a suggestion. I didn't make a rule.
    • Linda Joy
      Your 'suggestion' is blaming someone for the choices of another. And your deflection of the question would imply the reverse would not be acceptable or you would have said so.
    • dalcocono
      My suggestion is answering the question that was asked; "what does it mean"? I answered the question that was asked, you pounced in with all the "rules" nonsense. If you have another question to ask, post it, and maybe I'll answer it. Otherwise, climb down off your high horse! This isn't your question.
  • It doesn't matter if he's gay or not. YOU CAN STILL GET AIDS/STD'S FROM A BJ. He'd never be with me again. STD or no I'm a monogamist. I don't share lovers. And those who blame you for it are probably doing it themselves and trying to validate their own bad behavior. NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS IT WAS HIS CHOICE NOT YOURS!! I don't play the blame game either. If you both like STD's and have agreed to death sex with others go ahead. I'm tapping out.

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