• I like to take pictures of spiders and spider webs when there is dew on them early in the morning.
  • I used to and still would if i wasnt so damn buisy.. but yes.. its so inspiring in my own way.. for some crazy reason :/
  • yes its very fun 2 take a camera places u never been and take pictures and remember wat u did on that day i like 2 take pictures of animal,plants,and other fun stuff
  • Sometimes. I've gotten some really cool pictures by doing so
  • I took my camera out whilst dog walking hoping to bag the perfect dog pic...I took 22 pictures...and i haven't used any of them lol!!, they're either too shaky or out of focus..picture takng isnt something i'm very good at :)+5
  • Im doing photography for school, because I just love taking photos so I always have my camera on me so yes I do just take my camera and go out looking for things to take pictures of. Very relaxing!
  • I have a fascination for Fungi, particularly the Fly Agaric (Amanita Muscaria), so I often go to the woods, camera in hand, to look for them, I really should get a life, but I'm having too much fun!
  • I used to do this all the time. I dont really anymore. But since I used to live in the country and I had no kids I would hop in my car take my camera and drive around. I would take shots of windmills with trees growing in them with flowers. Storms coming in...Broken down sheds with grass growing around them....and cows. The rivers, and bald eagles. I would get alot of good shots. I still remember all the pictures I took, but do not remember what happened to them. I remember I got shots of canadian geese as they migrated and landed on our ponds... alot of good memories... I suppose the pictures are no more now than snapshots of those memories.
  • I used to do that a lot when I lived in an area I could. I know those are the words of a slacker because there are always things to find to photograph. I did this when I first started out photography, it's good practice and challenges your creativity. Now you've reminded me to try and do it more often.
  • I try to take my camera everywhere, Just in case. But almost every time I leave without it, I think, "DANG! that would have made a good picture."
  • I would but i don't have a camera:( +5
  • Sometimes.
  • All the time.
  • Yep - ;-)
  • I do that all the time. I drive all over these mountains to nearby little towns and take all kinds of pictures----cloud formations above the mountains, mountains, sun sets, sun rises, cacti, interesting looking restaurants and motels, museums, old barns, old houses, windmills, trees, rock formations, weeds, horses, and whatever else strikes my fancy.
  • Yes, and fall colors are one thing I look for. They can be beautiful.
  • All the time. I take it with me wherever I go so I will be prepared. Just this morning I had to go outside and capture our first snow of the season.
  • Yes, very often.

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