• Invite guests over to booze it up in His kids play area. Disgusting beyond words the bad influence He shows His kids and anyone else who had seen his lack of common decentsy actions.
  • I can't say, but they were obviously mentally ill
  • A high ranking member of a church, exposing himself to very young girls.
  • Booger Eating. Nasty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Smoke while holding their baby.
  • I saw a drunk man piss up a front door. You can imagine my shock when he casually pulled some keys from his pocket, Opened the door and strolled in like everything was normal.
  • i was in the car with my kids and a guy on the side walk pulled his pants down and began sh***ing in a near- by trash can. we all screamed and talked about it for days. it was pretty gross....
  • I saw a man hack up a yellow glob of crud and spit it on the sidewalk and then walk away.
  • I saw a woman taking a shit by the corner of a building, where pretty much everyone could see her. It was adjacent to an alley and a busy street. Her pants were down, and she was squatting there, releasing a huge log. I was like 13, drinking a slupry and just walking on my merry way when I see that, and my eyes got all big, and she just gave me this huge smile. Another time on the bus, an old woman threw up everywhere. She was trying to block it with her hands and dropped her cane, while all the vomit sprayed every which way because of her shielding hands. Not her fault, but it's still gross. Again, on the bus-don't ask me why I eschew public transportation and now mostly rely on my hawt and sexy legs-two guys were sitting there. One of them takes out this great big glob of pink chewing gum and hands it to his friend saying, eeeer! It kills breath! And the other guy just grabs it and sticks it in his mouth and starts chewing. I feel sick.
  • Well it would have to be between these two.. can't say for sure which one takes the cake.. I was walking with a friend in downtown SD and we saw a homeless guy pull his pants down, bend over, and take a dump on the trolley tracks. Then he pulled his pants up and walked away like nothing happened. Wish I had a camera to take a pic of every ones facial expression who witnessed that. Another disgusting thing my poor eyes witnessed... I was sitting in the Circuit City parking lot at night (back when they were in business) waiting for my friends to come out. This guy pulls up next to my car, opens his door and sits there for 10 minutes. I notice out of the corner of my eye that the guy hasn't gotten out of his car yet, so I decided to be nosy and I look over and sure enough this man had his willy out and was going to town. I freaked out, started my car, rolled down the window, and as I was backing out yelled "You nasty mofo!" I moved to another parking spot, called my friends and they laughed their asses off at me and asked me if the guys member was big. I still have no idea why my poor eyes witness things like this.
  • Take a dump
  • Some guy throwing up, on the dinner table, all over his food. +5
  • One day my Mom, sister, and I stopped at a convenient store to use the bathroom. This woman walks into the bathroom first leaving my sister waiting until one of us finished. As my sister stood waiting, she noticed that ladie's hand underneath the door placing a soiled open faced sanitary napkin on the floor next to her feet. When the lady was done, she picked up the napkin and put it back on. When I came out my sister was in tears laughing trying to tell me about it. I didn't think it was funny at all.
  • Urinate
  • Hit her little boy very hard in the ear.
  • well, the most disgusting one was when a guy got his tummy tucked and yo got a great look at his inside.. but my point is, the plastic surgeon actually did a great job and the guy just looked disgusting so in all.. I really cannot say
  • Kick someone when they are obviously already knocked out.
  • How graphic do you want? I saw some horific things in Viet Nam ! They could make some gag!
  • when i went to florida one time to visit my parents, one was in a nursing home and the other in assisted living, i was taking the bus back to the motel i was staying at and when i was almost there i saw this bum with the paper i had left out for people to read, he had a lighter and was lighting it on fire, rolling it into balls and throwing the lit balls of paper at the motel i was staying at, i got off the bus and told the people at the front desk what he was doing, they turned on my phone and i called 911, they mustve gotten him cause i never saw him again

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