• Should adults?
  • Not too much.
  • I would try to find a happy medium between educational programming and lots of fun outside with exercise.
  • Yes. It is very good for their language development. OFC it needs to be restricted to only an hour or so a day and needs to be mixed with other activities.
  • There is a lot that can be learned from the right stations and shows. + 5
  • Only educational shows; like Sesame Street IMHO.
  • i was told by my daughters pediatrician not to let her watch more than 2 hours of t.v every day. but she loves to watch things like Dora Explorer and other programs that encourage speech, and teaches her a lot of things, like last night we were watching 'Ni Hao, Kai Lan' and she learned how to say, "Trick or Treat!" i was like.. hells yeah. because i've been trying to get her to say it for a month. she is going trick or treating wednesday. so thank you television for cartoons! btw, she's 19 months old and doesn't talk.. ever. so let em watch t.v. but make sure they have plenty of play time alone.. and with you, and outside if possible, and with other kids. and don't just play.. teach them things WHILE you're playing. sorry for writing a book.. i got excited. :D!
  • I think your pediatrician is right. Theres a million reasons why (don't get me wrong my 2yr old watches more than 2hrs) they may end up as couch potatoes, bad for the eyes, theyre not interacting/learning, then there's the commercials cramming crap down their throats. But hey its a personal choice, I know plenty of kids who are A+ students and they were practically raised by TV (not that my daughter is or will be)
  • I allow my son to watch a little tv, but not much. There are many educational programs on and he has picked up a lot of things from them. I would much rather him be playng outside or spending time with me though.+3
  • there are many programmes i would deem suitable:)
  • Nope, I don't think they should watch tv until they are old enough to discuss what they are seeing. By choice there was no tv in my home growing up until I was ten and although I didn't keep my children from watching I limited tv time with them. As adults they watch less than I do now I think haha
  • I didn't let my twins watch tv until after they turned 2 years old since I kept seeing reports linking lowered ability for imaginitive play and higher intances of ADD for children under 2 watching tv. I felt I was already over my head raising twins by myself, I'd be sunk if I purposly created a problem like ADD (even if it was accidental). here's a link to an example of the articals I've read and a sample excerp from the American Academy of Pediatrics Recomendation: Until more research is done about the effects of TV on very young children, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) does not recommend television for children age 2 or younger. For older children, the Academy recommends no more than 1 to 2 hours per day of educational, nonviolent programs. “

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