• Do you have an article about this? I am curious. It is probably in their instinct to survive. They may not think about death, but they still live to survive.
  • Animals do not have the capacity to reason, therefore they do not understand the concept of death. They do, however, understand what can kill them, and they will run from it. Every living thing has a spark inside it that makes it want to live. +5
  • Animals may or may not understand the concept of death, and "man" may be the only creature upon the Earth "who knows that s/he is going to die." But, the one thing they understand is the concept of "Larger Vs. Smaller," and that a larger creature MAY be capable of eating them, and they DO FEAR being eaten by a larger creature. So, if some being in their area is LARGER than they are, they will instinctively run away from that "creature," to avoid being eaten. It's the same thing when you bring home a caged bird. The bird is released into his/her new cage ("home") and for the first few days or so, the bird is terrified when you stick your hand inside the cage, because the bird doesn't understand that you are just trying to clean the cage, supply it with fresh water and new food. But, after the first few days, the bird reasons that s/he is NOT in danger of being a meal for the human, and comes to welcome the attention and eventually, the bird will step onto an outstretched finger and allow the human to kiss and pet him/her. Birds (as an example) aren't stupid at all, and they will eventually figure out that they are destined to be pampered and spoiled, by someone who cares about them. But until they realize that, they will instinctively fear anything larger than they are, and who might possibly make a meal of them. +5
  • On one hand, it could be the survival instinct kicking in, but it certainly does seem as if they're aware of death. Elephants have been known to keep vigil over sick and dying members of the herd.
  • Do you understand quantum physics? You don't have to understand something to know that it exists. Animals don't think in the same way as we do, so these broad statements about what they do (or don't) understand ultimately mean nothing.
  • They do have very well developed instincts, as well as the ability to learn that certain things cause pain and that makes them avoid it.
  • What so-called experts would that be? I see videos about elephants, and chimps who know death all to well. Sorry; but I get tired of people who seem to think that being human is beyond being animal. It's all nature, everything knows.
  • they probably dont like people chasing them

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