• Try it, then report back to us. +5
  • It will work, but only very briefly, because the filament will oxidize very quickly and break.
  • man you are bored let me send you a new toy .. +5
  • I'm pretty sure there's a gas in there that is rather important, or a vacuum, dunno. Let us know how it works out for you.
  • For a couple of seconds as long as you don't break the filament inside. Without the gas the glass holds in, it won't work long.
  • An incandescent bulb uses heat caused by an electrical current. When electrical current passes through a wire, it causes the wire to heat. The wire, or filament, gets so hot that it glows and gives off light. Everyday incandescent light bulbs have a filament made of tungsten. Since the hot tungsten would quickly burn away if it were exposed to oxygen, it must be placed in a sealed glass bulb which is either evacuated or filled with a gas that won’t let it burn.
  • Yeah~for a nano second and then it burns out like in a flash Light us alone

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