• A gaping hole in your pocket and candy corn teeth
  • High blood pressure and heart disease. Falling out teeth and yellow fingers. Lack of breath.
  • Risking other peoples health and lives by smoking around them. In Australia we have warnings on the packs with gory pictures of diseased parts of the body that smoking effects...theres one of a foot with missing toes from gang green as the circulation has stopped...also ones of mouth cancer with horrible sores all over their lips and rotton teeth...gross!
  • Going broke?
  • emphasima (sp?). Skinking. Let's reverse the question-Is there a single advantage to using tobacco products?
  • Tobacco is addictive. So, it's not something you can just easily drop. You can get: bronchitus heart disease stroke unhealthy teeth and gums and you may get emphysema. Also, you get bad breath, loss of taste, and eventually, decay and loss of teeth.
  • The loss of your non smoking friends.
  • Heart disease.
  • gum disease +5
  • Another overlooked risk with all tobacco products ; especially cigaretts and cigars ... for MALES .. is that they can cause the vessels going into and from the groin to shrink and wear down ... thus causing IMPOTENCE ... Smoking CAN also cause the testicles and the Testicles and/or the Penis to SHRINK .. I belive that if THESE facts were promoted more in middle schools and high schools ; we'd ahve less smoking males ... +5
  • 5-18-2017 Your airways have little hairs that sweep crap upward so it doesn't collect in the lungs. Tobacco smoke stuns them so they stop sweeping. It gets to where you can't breathe any more.
  • A Bible proverb says:

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