• I dated a senior when I was in 7th grade. I'm sure my parents hated it. And looking back on it, it wasn't too good for me either. It led to a lot of my corruption. I learned things I didn't know. and experimented with things I shouldn't have. But they do say that girls are at least 2 years more mature then boys. so maybe they are at the same intelligence level and thats why they like eachother
  • Risky ????????/
  • 12 IS REALLY YOUNG TO BE DATING date your age it s better for you +3
  • ummm eww is the first thing that came to mind second sixteen and twelve are a big difference. not in age but in maturity...
  • i think when a kid is dating at 12, its not really dating:) i had my first boyfriend when i was 5! we used to kiss at the end of break:) its more cute than adult dating... abviously!! but i'm 16 and have a much more mature dating attatude so basically, in brash terms, its a bit sick! the things i do with my boyfriend i would be in jail for if i did it with a 12 year old! ha!
  • I think a 12 year old is to young to date
  • I think it's fine. It's young love and if its respectful I think there is nothing to fear. I would let my 12 year old date a 16 year old, so long as I know the boy and he comes often to my place for dinner to get to know him better and his parents. I would try and make the relationship as transparent as possible but without being insensitive and overprotective by not allowing them to date. That is too harsh and unnecessary, not to mention it later harbours feelings of resentment and "hiding" behaviour. It's better to let them date..
  • I think that is totally wrong.. so what she might start having kids by next year... where is that little girls parents... I would be madd as hell...
  • Happens all the time these days. I find it wrong, but the "kids", arent what they used to be either.
  • My personal view is that it's icky!!!!
  • That's like having my little sister date. I say no, she is way too young to start dating. She can have her little puppy loves and talk about boys that are cute, but I don't think she should date.
  • its not right. im 18 i would not go near a 14 unless i liked the look of a jail cell
  • Childhood should be a journey and not a race.
  • when i was 4, i bought an engagement ring for my 78 year old babysitter whom i wanted to marry. at 16, i would never have thought of dating a 12 year old although when i was 12 i could name a bunch of 16 year olds i would have died and gone to heaven had i kissed. it's pushing the envelope.
  • It's not a good idea. I don't want to say that it is always wrong because if its innocent, there may be no negative intentions with it, but its not smart. It could be particuarly damaging for the girl.
  • Molestation in the waiting..nothing more can be expected from that outcome.
  • I think it depends on the kids. In many cases the age difference would be to much, but in others it would be fine. Kids mature at different rates. I think as long as it wasn't an icky, dominant thing on the boys part, and if there isn't a huge gap in the maturity levels of the two, it could work.
  • I think it's sick and not acceptable particularly if he's a scout leader or something.
  • that the age cap on adults is not important 5/10/20/30 because your both mature but when a 16 year old boy goes out with a 12 year old something wrong with that 16 year old his a pervert. None of you are mature but the boy could do so many thing that the girl would not even understand its just plain and simple wrong
  • No. There is a big difference betweem 12 and 16. Would not happen with my daughter. Now at 20 and 24 that is fine.

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