• Honolulu is very nice so I would suggest staying there my friend. There are certain gang-infested areas of various states and while I don't know the locations of all them, if you were to look up the areas of highest crime rates you would know what to avoid! Happy Saturday! :) ((hugs))
  • Best, any red state. Worst, the south side of Chicago where a very famous person used to be a drug runner for the street gang Disciples there. So many murders, so many constitutional lawyers fighting to keep the murderers free. Not a good place at all.
  • Best Place, Manhattan, New York! Worst Place West Virginia! You do not want to get stranded in the mountains there! lol +5 CT Best, Jonathan
  • My country, India, continues to be a mixed bag. You could find excellent 5 star accommodation practically everywhere in the country. But somewhere close by there could be slums in the same city and those could be really bad places to spend a night! It all depends on how much you are willing to spend. If you are willing to spend as much as you will spend for a day in Europe or the US then you could stay in comfort far superior to what you could imagine receiving there. But if you are traveling on a shoe string budget then you will have to take things as they come.
  • Ireland, you might even see The Galway Girl.
  • The US is so varied that I couldn't tell you where to begin unless you asked about any state in the southeast. I know those pretty darned well. But since I was born and raised in Atlanta, GA (one of the few natives left in the state!), I could give you specifics in GREAT detail.....anything you wanted to know! +5
  • If i have to visit my country i would stay in a five stars motel facing the beach and the place is Mombasa-kenya east africa. Beause the accommodation and food is not expensive.
  • I'm useless at these questions as you can see but i think its up to the person what they term as good and bad.
  • Thanks to see you again on your original avatar as you looks gorgeous and i hope that you will not hide behind the curtain.
  • in India live in people's heart see thru their eyes and you would get a place in their hearts practically... there are all sort of hotels starting from economy class to luxury one spread all thru india. if oyou visit interior India where such hotels are not available, always try to stick to State Government Tourism hotels , they ar esafe and reasonable ones
  • The best place would be a major city like Seattle. Cool weather, civilization, history, and nice events. Worst would be any non-metropolitan area. There are places with placenames out in the boonies like: Cannibal Creek, Wendigo Pass, Ape Canyon, Skookumchuk river, etc. There are reasons why so many folks go for the country side. They're there to get away from the prying eyes of the law. Got Texas chainsaw massacre?
  • At my place because I would never let you go! it not a mater of taste CT?

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