• YES they do that all the time in California
  • Yep. Yep.
  • YES! They will do it here in Wichita very quickly! We are a family state, and they believe in a father/or mother paying their child support!
  • well i no here in AUSTRALIA ,you will be very unlucky to go to jail. they will summons you and try to get you to keep payments up to date ,but rules change a fair bit ,depending on your employment and the money you earn and it is a very complex situation .and people seem to get away with it .and counties all have different laws on child support
  • they put you in jail for "contempt of court" that means not doing what the judge has ordered you to do. this is normally done if it can be shown that the person has income, and refused to pay the money. the law is really weird, I know a person that was jailed for contempt of court, because they didn't earn enough to cover the garnishment on their paycheck for child support. (basically child support was more than the guy earned)

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