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  • Just be yourself or it wont last. Nobody can keep up that Cosmo crap forever.
  • i said it earlier ... Be Yourself, Be Strong, Be True ... don't go changing who you are, just so someone else will "like" you ... first and foremost, you should be comfortable with yourself to the point that even if you NEVER find that special someone, your life will still be joyful and content ... then if that person does come along, its just like the cherry and whip cream on the top ... making it just that much more yummy :)
  • 1: Your security should not rest with your boyfriend 2: You will connect with someone, I promise. Just be patient 3: I hate that bullshit too! 4: Don't get your relational advice from Cosmo (unless you are just interested in having steamy fling after steamy fling).
  • Just be yourself and the right boy will come along. And when he does he will 'Know the real You' because to pretend to be someone else by acting falsely creates obstructions.
  • From experience... if you're insecure now, you'll just be insecure when you have a boyfriend. You're thinking about it all wrong... it's the opposite. You don't need a boyfriend to not be insecure.. you need to know yourself and gain your confidence on your own before you can have those things in a relationship. When you're in a relationship.. it's not just you anymore. It's you and your significant other... that leaves less time for YOU things to get to know and work on yourself. If you can't hold yourself up.. how do you expect to hold up someone else too?
  • if that is your pic, then just keep smiling :) if i saw you smiling like that i would definetly say hi :) thats just who i am though. be yourself, dont listen to anyone else, dont "try" anything. just be. :)
  • Cosmo is the lamest book ive ever read. Sure they have tips and tricks (which everyone already knows) - or maybe not... But just be yourself. Do what YOU do but do WELL with it. If you get with somebody but you are being other than yourself...later in the relationship YOU is gonna come out, and thats not who they signed up for...that is why alot of relationships dont last..."the front" Just be you, tell them what YOU like no matter how goofy it is...what you like to do, no matter how lame it is... And dont try to be sexy if you arnt sexy, if your cute...pull off cute, guys like cute... I think alot of guys dont fall for the cosmo crap anyways... If I was a dude, I dont think I would find it attractive....but who knows. Just do you. Realize guys see through the fake women. (they really do) I think they most dig a girl when she is TRUELY happy, and joyful...and all smiley, and alittle goofy...and they are just laid back with things. Just learn who you are, and what you like...and your body, and embrace everything about you. I mean it IS you. So take hold of it...and be you at your very best...then any man that falls in love with you, or likes you...will like you for 100% then what would the insecurities be for?
  • Im sure that when your yourself, they see that your not too desperate. that your an independent person who wont care what people expect them to be.
  • Feelings of security will always come from within. No one can give that to you. You have to claim it. And as for Cosmo:
  • 1. You do not need a man to validate your existence. 2. Disregard anything Cosmo says, that is like a teeny-bopper magazine for grown ups. 3. You need to find comfort in who you are and realize that if a man can't accept and love you for that, he is not worth it anyway. 4. Good luck, and good day to you, ma'am.
  • Cosmo is a crock of bull! I regret ever subscribing to that magazine. It encourages skanks and gross, cheating women. On the other hand, having a boyfriend will not make you feel secure. You can distract yourself but to be confident you need to work on yourself. In fact - being with someone will HURT your relationship if you are insecure. We all have insecurities but, it's best to try and rid of them or at least work on them.
  • well....there's no denying love and a relationship CAN give one a sense of security and self worth or increased self esteem but don't look for a relationship to cure all of your woes or end your fact I have seen relationships turn people with little insecurity issues into basketcases that are so insecure of themselves or their relationship or whatever that they literally destroy the relationship. You should also consider that the sense if security, self esteem and worth one has because of a relationship/love is not the same as what one has for ones self. But insecure or not, you are right about it being wrong to act a certain way just to bag a man. But I think if you remain true to yourself and live your life for you, having fun, walking the path you want to walk in'll eventually find someone who's also going your way.
  • I think the opposite approach is better if you're looking for a long-term relationship. The goal should not be to conform yourself to the person you happen to be talking to and try to force yourself to be compatible even if they're not right for you. The goal should be to put who you are and what you're looking for out on the table right away so that if they're not right, you can eliminate them and move on to another candidate. I say, first date: "I think 1-2 years is a good amount of time to be dating, then I want to get married. 2-3 years after that I'd like to start having children. 3, maybe 4. And I think it's best for the kids if their mom is home with them while they're young, so I don't plan to work until the kids are at least school age." Then the guy can flip out and bail or stick around because he likes that idea. If he flips out and bails, what have you lost, really? A chance to waste time with someone who's not right? I guess that's a long-winded way of saying I agree. :)
  • You have to be happy alone before you can be happy with someone else. Meh, just be yourself when you finally think you're ready. Think about it. Lets say you put on this fake persona and you meet someone that you like. The guy falls for you and about 3 weeks later he figures out that it wasn't really you. He feels lied to and breaks up with you. If you are yourself and he falls for you, then you're ok. But you have to be confident enough in yourself to just let people go who don't like you. When I was dating my attitude was always "this is me, if you don't like me, o well, I don't give a shit." Worked out. I have a girlfriend now. I've said this before, but you're a cool girl Freedom. Any guy that can't see that probably doesn't deserve you anyway.
  • It has to do with the vibe you are giving off. I am sure you are a great girl. Carry yourself with confidence and smile alot. Your AURA will improve and then you will have to bat them off LOL Strut your stuff!!!
  • A boyfriend is not the answer to being secure,you'll connect with someone when you quit worring about it to much,that effects the way you are around guys,relaxe take it easy.Don't anylize so much,a white door is white door and a black door is black door.Just go on what people say,if they mean more they'll let you know, if not keep on moving.Also Cosmo is full of crap.
  • love is one of those you find after you quite looking, as for security, if you think thats what a relationship is for then your not ready
  • honestly i used to think the same thing, but its not true. im with the most amazing guy and im still completely insecure. its all about how you see yourself. The only advice i can give is be content in your own life and only choose a mate to add to that life you've already established. dont allow ANYONE to make or break you. ;)
  • By being yourself you don't need to act out all the Cosmo bullshit. You'll find someone, you'll see.

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