• It's a woman's body, she should be able to do anything she wants with it. I'd much rather someone abort a child than bring it into the world to be abused, neglected or a burden on society. The world is overpopulated as it is. I know I wouldn't want ANYONE telling me what I can do with my body and my life. If I want to die because of illness or loss of quality of living, I should be allowed to do so. In fact, I say we offer free abortions to welfare mothers. 1 abortion costs much less than 18 years of taxpayers money. Maybe even throw in a bonus if they get "fixed", then we don't have to worry about them having more kids or getting a lot of abortions. I know it sounds harsh but every single problem on this planet from pollution to famine to the economy is a result of overpopulation. We need to realize as humans that the world cannot continue to deal with this many people. People need to learn to do something to stop their sensless breeding! We can't save everyone, we can't educate everyone, we can't stop everyone from making stupid choices in life, but we can offer something that is a safe(er than a coat hanger) alternative. Sometimes we have to look beyond mores and traditions and religions and make a hard cold decision that ultimately has no right answer, there's only the lesser of two evils and abortion is one of those things. There's no way for government to allow abortion for some (rape victims etc.) and not for others (sluts) and courts do not have the resources or time to decide every abortion case. You either have to have it for all or for none...and a world without a safe, medical for of abortion is a world with dangerous, illegal abortions, unwanted children, backed up adoption agencies with too many unplaced kids, abuse, murder and the list goes on. But more than anything, I believe you're body is YOURS! No matter what is inside it, no matter what you want to do with your body, even if it kills you, that is one thing no one else should control.
  • when used as birth control it is killing an innocent. if there is a complication such as danger to the mother it falls under self defense. this is my moral code... I do not hold others to my code. if you want to kill your unborn baby I can agree to it's legality in the first trimester, but so long as you have the choice to bail you have to give men the right to bail as well. if the woman has "options" after the insemination, the man needs them too.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      stick your COAT up your ass
  • I believe whatever the republicans tell me I believe. Thinking is hard. Heil.
  • Abortion is the murder of an innocent child therefore child abuse. The federal government allows abortion because it is a "legal" (?) method of population control and will be around as long as the government wants to reduce population.
    • Thinker
      that is about your mentality. brainless for sure.
  • Exodus 20:13 "You must not murder." No matter how many challenges exist in our lives, we are expected to uphold God's law. We will be rewarded for the sacrifices that we make in order to maintain our integrity to God. (Psalm 37:11). The reward from our Creator far outweighs any benefits that we could possibly receive from an individual or society in general.
  • you should have been aborted
    • Thinker
      I am sure if you were not aborted Mr pants fell down you are the after birth.
  • Choice. What a woman chooses is her business not mine
  • i think its murder

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