• Try tying a few helium balloons to it, it worked for Winnie the pooh :-)
  • If you bought your bike at Walmart or somesuch, there's no hope - those are toys. If you bought it at a bike shop... if you're serious, get ready to spend a few hundred. You're kinda stuck with the frame you have, but you could upgrade to save a couple of lb. Bikes you buy "off the rack", even at a bike store, come with cheap wheels, tires, and components like cranks and derailleurs. Get good, light wheels - the lesser weight saves you effort on overcoming both rotational and straight-line inertia. Get a good-quality crank for stiffness - makes a world of difference. If you're not using cycling shoes, start - another world of difference. The final world of difference for me was realizing that the 170mm crank arms were too small for my 35" inseam, and getting the new crank w/ arm length of 175mm. You wouldn't think it'd make that much difference. You probably don't use 'em, but when I had the dual water-bottle holder attached to the back of my seat, that seemed to make the bike weigh about 10 lb more when I was climbing hills out of the saddle - you can't move the bike side-to-side nearly as well.

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