• a silver twirling rose ring, with a diamond in the center of the rose
  • No wedding ring for me. Been there, done that, not doing it again.(unless lightning strikes at this late stage in my game) Would have a ring though. Ruby or emerald full eternity ring. Really wide.Like a wide wedding band. Solitaire diamond for the other hand too.
  • I love my wedding ring! I guess if I ever got rich, I would upgrade the center stone from the "engagement" ring part. I have a ring set- the wedding band wraps around the engagement ring part.
  • My tongue would have to be able to lick the stars before I ever married again! lol!
  • I am married but never wear my engagement or wedding ring because I don't like rings, so I guess I would not upgrade nor buy a new one. I would rather have a good set of books.
  • I prefer something simple.
  • Totally hypothetically? Even if not involved now? What I would like to give? Royal or Maquis cut diamond in FL grade in white gold, or platinum, filigrie setting. Odd question.
  • A large aquamarine stone set in silver...or several stones so it looks like a daisy flower...with an antique look..
  • Hey, Im a mam. If she wants to upgrade it she can. Me I dont really care. Every one knows Im married anyway. I have that defeated look on my face.....LOL
  • When we first married, my engagement ring was like a diamond chip; LOL! When we were married about 4 years and had more money, my husband got me a new one for our anniversary. It was, I think, about 1/2 carat. It's very simple and I still where it every day. On our 20th anniversary, he bought me a 5-stone, beautiful anniversary ring like the link. I love it, but feel strange wearing it. I don't think I would upgrade. He did the same thing with the diamond earrings he bought me, I think the second year we were married. They were like chips and then every year he would take them and exchange them for a larger size until they were 2 carats. I had to tell him that I loved them but not to do it anymore! I love all of them though.
  • Something simple and elegant like this one.
  • I prefer the heart-shaped diamonds
  • To be honest I think me and Jamie will start a new kind of trend in that department. This ring is made out a gold and tungsten alloy. It gives this kind of darker gold look than the tradition bright gold, plus it's ALMOST indestructable. The draker colour brings out the diamond vains that swirls around it and each one represents a strugle we've had to overcome. If I could get it I would.
  • A square or princess cut diamond with two canary diamonds mounted on either side in yellow gold.
  • No! My fiance chose my engagement while he was in Iraq. He chose a platinum heart shaped diamond. It is beautiful! He told me he chose this because he wanted me to have his heart and that the shape symbolized that. I looked into heart shaped diamonds after he gave me mine and the cut is perfect! He did a great job picking it out and I will always cherish it!
  • I bought my wife diamonds but on the 25 Anniversay she can pick out whatever she wants~~but yes money is no object when it come to makeing my wife happy~~for what is money for?
  • I have told my boyfriend over and over again, it's not the ring that matters, it's HIM!
  • If this becomes a second answer, please ignore. My first one disappeared in the middle of it. The 2 carat marquis diamond in the center has nothing around it to take from how beautiful it is. It is in a channel set and I can't find it anywhere and Zales changed their site. I love this ring as much as the day I received it. It may become the wedding ring because it is hard to get anything else around it since it is thick. I'm wearing my Grandmother's wedding ring with it (very thin gold with all my love). At times I am discouraged because I don't know how this most wonderful love match will ever come true with him in another state. But the ring means everything. +5
  • Something that will have blue diamond.
  • I did and got a bigger one. .. Then gave it away.. Next one will be a simple meaningful band,
  • No engagement ring Wedding band would be thin and made of pave diamonds. I saw one years ago in a Tiffany's jewelry store that I fell in love with. It was magnificent. It was understated and very elegant. Very thin, not wide nor gaudy. That was in 1998 and the cost at that time was $6000. It was set in platinum. I have no idea what it would cost today but it is the most beautiful ring I've ever seen. I'm not into bling and size does matter..the bigger the less attractive to me! :)
  • style that we both love.. is sometimes so hard to agree on the same ring heheeh
  • that's the same pic posted by someone asking if $30,000 was too much to spend on a ring...guess there'll be two of you out there with $30,000 rings! i'm fine without a ring...
  • I think this one is beautiful, but I can't see spending 4'000 dollars on a ring, no matter how much money I have! :-D +5

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