• You could be a sneaky prostitute and do creative things in the bedroom.
  • Get elected to congress. Charles Rangel has a lot of money that you do not have to account for( If you have Nancy Pelosi) covering you ass. He is a work of art. Heads the ways and Means committee and know "Zilch" about reporting income ( He says?). A real felon on the streets- That's Rep. Charles Rangel from NY.
  • Develop a product or a service that millions of people want, and sell it to them.
  • Drugs. CREATIVELY cut your coke with meth, burns a little, they stay up longer, think it's really good, etc. Use a 1 to 1 to 1 mixture. Coke, meth, cut. Sneakily send the money to a friend in D.C. that puts 20% in high, 20% in low, and 60% in meduim risk. Live well...
  • Just send $29.95 to my address and I'll send you all the techniques for making a ton of money in no time. But wait, if you act now, I'll also include a CD with photos of me rolling in dough.
  • There are plenty of sneaky ways to make money. Unfortunately, many of them are illegal. +5
  • Creative ways are the only way to make money and get away with it. Sneaky ways are actually competitive ways, which means you'll either fall victim to the government or your competitors sooner or later.
  • That would depend on the denomination of money you are weighing. A ton of pennies might be relatively easy to put together compared to say $100 bills.
  • Watch the Jackass movie where they dress up like old men. Then think "banks"
  • Take over a small country and loot the treasury? +2
  • Offline or online? Offline, you could start up a door to door business selling cheap electronics or pretty much anything really. Buy bulk and sell at rate. Online, you could start a claffifieds or dating site as people are either looking for screwed stuff or someone to screw.

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