• Of course it would be fair. But don't forget we are the country that promotes capitalism.....Do you really think people are thinking about what's fair lol. It has never been this way and never will be. We are divided as a country for a reason, the only people who think it's fair are the people that voted for him, all else is opposition.
  • no, obama must clean up all of W's crap, handle the world economic crisis, the world confidence in the US crisis, the issues of health care and education AND juggle 10 bowling pins ALL at the same time. then, i still won't vote with him and create an impenetrable republican BLOCK in congress. they kind of remind me of the time i got constipated ...
  • No, Obama becomes the usual 100 days before anyone can accurately evaluate his results. If things see then to develop in a positive way, he will get better support. Of course, nobody can expect that he could change in that time everything that has been done under the former president.
  • there's nothing we can do anyway. we're just an audience and only time will tell if president Obama is able to make the desired change. does anyone here know for sure what's happened/happening in the white house?
  • Children always want "DADDY" to fix things NOW ! Most problems take awhile.
  • Yes, it would be fair, however, it won't happen. Obama gained leadership of the US at a difficult time, but people expect him to fix everything instantly, which is totally unrealistic.
  • No, he is the messiah, he should have it fixed already
  • you all are hatin on obama he is the best NOT!@!!!!
  • Of course it would be fair. Some people are just not into fair I guess. He has made a good effort so far despite the right jumping on everything he tries to do. Do they forget that they lost? They are still trying to change the outcome of the election.
  • 'Change' Takes time!
  • Why be Fair! He complained about what he was left with by the former prez. He just whined and whined about it, instead of grabbing the bull by the horns and taking controll of it and owning it! He's a Mamby Pamby!
  • We should just think where we would be today if the crew that said let the free market fix the banking failures and collapse of auto manufacturing had won the day. We would now be in the midst of a second great depression. Things aren't all that great yet, but we can see we are turning the corner and the worst is over.
  • I do not think any of the Politicians have a clue what to do. I do not agree with the left or right. No one seems to represent the working middle class. I'd like to have a real leader who represents the American people. I'd believe in Obama if he renegotiated NAFTA as promised. Why can't they work for the American people? why can't they be less patrician?
  • With high power comes high expectations. The president is no different.No other politician recieves a break nor should he. Just muddle through take your lumps and do your best. and remember sometimes your best is not good enough.
  • The more you love something the harder you treat it. In the case of presidents the kinder the whip the less you fear it.

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